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Advanced Materials/Composites


Worldwide Foam

Tenneco Systems Protection offers specialized protection solutions for easy repair and maintenance

Vertically Integrated Material Solution Partner

Aftermarket Polymer Solutions

Buy. Sell. Search.

Innovation in Motion

Aircraft Ducting Repair

Repair / Overhaul, Ducts, Manifolds, Mufflers & More

Renowned mfgr. of advanced composite materials since 1945

Resistance Tack Welding Equipment for Honeycomb

To be our customers’ #1 solution

Heating Solutions for Composite Processing

M1 Composites Technology Inc.

One stop shop for global aircraft maintenance

Excellence in Repair and Overhaul Services...

A leading supplier to Airlines and MRO's

Trusted on the ground. Proven in the air.

Specialize in Nacelles System Overhaul

Specialize in Nacelles System Overhaul

Avoid Process Stalls with Ready-to-Use Products

ARMRO is a Full Service Structures Repair Facility

ARMRO is a Full Service Structures Repair Facility