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Avix Aero

8214 Westchester
Suite 910
Dallas, TX 75225
United States

Avix Aero is an aerospace company producing game-changing commercial aircraft technologies and solutions. Avix brings a unique combination of technical innovation, engineering and certification expertise, and commercial airline experience that creates pragmatic solutions that improve safety and airline operational efficiency.

Avix holds 12 design, process and method patents (with 15 pending or drafted) dominantly related to landing gear systems and proprietary weight & balance calculations and methods, including revolutionary ways to validate weight, balance and center of gravity without having to calculate aircraft weight.

Our inaugural product, the Strut Data Collection System (SDCS), is a leading-edge onboard aircraft weight and balance measurement system that collects landing gear strut pressures from each gear position. 

Our engineering and certification expertise is represented by in-house Designated Engineering Representatives and Certification Management. We work with a variety of other experienced DERs from various disciplines to bring our products through the certification process.

Through Aero Source Data, our partnership with Satcom Direct, Avix solutions are enabled by a high-availability, global infrastructure that ensures that they are accessible continuously by our customers.

Avix Aero Strut Data Collection System

Strut Data Collection System