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GOLAN Industries Div.

IAI Ben Israel Airport
Lod 70400

At IAI, we offer more than just technology. We offer creativity, born of a ’can-do’ attitude, combined with decades of combat-proven experience. A leader in both the defense and commercial markets, we deliver state-of-the-art technologies and systems in all domains – providing our customers with tailored, cutting-edge solutions in the unique challenges that they face.

In the Air
IAI provides a wide range of solutions and services for aerial defense – from special mission aircraft and advanced unmanned aerial systems (UAS), to precision-guided munitions, multi-layered missile defense, loitering munitions, upgrades for military aircraft and helicopters, and sophisticated C4I, ISTAR and navigation systems.

In Space
IAI is a leading integrator of space technology, with dozens of satellites deployed in space. We provide observation and communication satellite systems and an accompanying array of ground control stations, mission centers and launchers, for both national security and commercial applications.

 Design & mfr. crashworthy airborne seats for aircraft & helicopters & Mine Blast Resistant Seats (MBRS) for ground vehicles