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Helical Lap & Manufacturing Co

121 Madison Ave
Mt Clemens, MI 48043
United States

Our expandable ID & OD cylindrical lapping tools are inexpensive and easy to use finishing tools to bring bores & cylinders to precise size, reduce rough surface peaks and correct common imperfections in bore and cylinder geometry. The cast iron laps incorporate a helical slot to allow for expansion and contraction of the tool. Because the internal taper of the lap sleeve is closely matched to a tapered arbor, unlike barrel laps which only expand in the middle, Helical ID Laps will expand uniformly across the entire length of the lap to achieve precise bore roundness and straightness. The tools can be adapted to use on most machines with a rotating spindle. We also offer a full range of abrasives and hand lapping plates. 

Helical Lap and Manufacturing Tools

Achieve Precise Bore Finishes!