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52 Lenin Street
Krasnoyarskiy kray

ISS-Reshetnev Company is a leading Russian provider of satellites for a wide range of applications: communications, television broadcasting, data-relay, navigation and geodesy. Many years’ experience designing and engineering satellites, state-of-the-art production and test facilities, implementation of cutting‑edge technologies, highly qualified employees – all these enable the company to deliver products that meet world-class quality and reliability requirements.

Throughout its 55 years, the company has designed and built more than 1 200 satellites, commissioned into service over 40 space-based systems and complexes. As of today, ISS‑Reshetnev‑made satellites constitute 2/3 of Russia’s orbital fleet.

ISS-Reshetnev Company is a prime contractor under a number of key projects implemented within the framework of top-priority state programs in the field of space technology. Through participation in international satellite construction projects, the company has become well-known not only in Russia, but abroad as well.


We develop and build communications, navigation and geodetic satellites for government and commercial customers in order to make modern information services accessible to users all over the world, thus enhancing the quality of life for millions of people. Our satellites are intended to strengthen Russia’s defense capabilities and foster its socio-economic development. Aiming to reinforce our leading positions in the domestic and global space technology markets, we are committed to constantly improving quality, reliability and competitiveness of our products by implementing the most recent and innovative engineering solutions.

Core activities

Development and manufacture of satellites, satellite systems and complexes for communications, television broadcasting, data-relay, navigation and geodesy applications, including:

design and development using advanced computer-aided design tools such as CATIA, SmarTeam, NASTRAN, Altium Designer, Thermica, Labveiw, Microwave Studio, Grasp, ANSYS HFSS, Satsoft;

manufacture of separate satellite parts and structures as well as complete satellites implementing cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art production equipment;

entire cycle of ground testing of instruments, structures, subsystems and already assembled satellites;

satellite delivery to the cosmodrome and pre-launch preparations;

support during launch, in-orbit flight tests, commissioning into service.

Building up ground satellite control complexes

In-orbit control of satellites and multi-satellite constellations

Customer representatives training on the satellite control operations, ongoing technical support throughout the satellite’s mission lifetime

Research and development projects in the field of space technology