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KNSI Aviation Engineering Ltd

Diamond Hangar
Long Border Road
London Stansted Airport
CM24 1RE
United Kingdom

Based in the Diamond Hangar at Stansted Airport, UK, KNSI has EASA DOA, POA and 145 approval. Our DOA provides design, integration, certification and AOG repair support for all types of aircrafts and rotor-crafts from Minor to Major and STC Modifications and Repairs. The Part-21.G POA manufactures OEM replacement parts, custom designed products, wiring harnesses and kits with EASA Form 1 release. And the EASA 145 Component workshop specialises in the overhaul, repair and servicing of interior parts. Our 3 approvals and experience in Avionics, Interiors & Structural changes allow us to provide end to end solutions to any aircraft undergoing modifications or repairs, whether its in the hangar, on the line or transitioning between operators.