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Nycote Laboratories

  • Nycote Applications Case Study: Nygone Surface Coating Remover
  • Nygone remover was created to resolve the issues related to the safe removal of cured polymer, resins, and conformal coatings. Nygone will effectively remove most coating products without part damage, thus allowing the user a safe and simple removal method.

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  • The Nycote Performance Advantage
  • Nycote Laboratories has been a pioneer in industrial coating technology for over 60 years. Our liquid nylon protection is a revolutionary barrier against corrosion, friction & conductivity for mission-critical aerospace & marine applications. Nycote’s unique liquid nylon formulation eliminates pinhole voids with a fast and convenient single pass solution.

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  • Nycote Outgassing Case Study
  • Nycote Laboratories products can significantly enhance the durability of sensitive space components.

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  • Nycote Chemical Resistance Case Study
  • Nycote Laboratories products show tremendous resistance to the chemicals found in modern deicing and anti-icing applications.

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  • Nycote Antibacterial Case Study
  • Study results show Nycote 7-11 is effective at stopping the spread of bacteria on surfaces.

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  • Nycote Fungal Attack Case Study
  • Study results show that Nycote Laboratories products help resist fungal attacks.

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  • Nycote Laboratory Glass Case Study
  • Nycote 99 provides a permanent safety barrier to laboratory glassware.

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  • Nycote Protecting Label Plates Case Study
  • Nycote Laboratories products protect part markings applied by ink to various aerospace components.

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  • Nycote Electrical Bonding Case Study
  • Nycote Laboratories products provide an excellent permanent barrier from harsh environments and can be used to coat and encapsulate bonding points.

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