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Research and Production Corp. Istok

2A Vokzalnaya Str.

Research and production corporation "Istok" was established in 1943 and is located in Fryazino, Moscow Region, Russia.

Main activities are new developments and serial production of modern and perspective products of microwave electronics for all types of communications and radiolocation.

Today RPC "Istok" supports about 30 % of all range of microwave products, being produces in Russia, which defines its dominating role in the industry.

The Corporation owns the closed technological cycle of development and manufacture of microwave transistors, monolithic integrated circuits, microwave modules of any functional complexity, electrovacuum microwave devices and complex microwave devices based on them, radioelectronic equipment and its components.

Electron devices of RPC "Istok" completely cover cm- and mm-ranges up to submm-waves, having powers from units of mW up to MW.