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Taiwan Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Co., Ltd. - TAMECO

No.11, Hangqin S. Rd., Dayuan Dist.,
Taiwan (R.O.C.) TAO 337
Taiwan Region

Taiwan Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Co., Ltd. - "TAMECO", founded at Taoyuan International Airport in Taiwan on January 16, 2015, is an independent company owned by China Airlines. A maintenance hangar with the capacity of 2 wide-body airplanes and 3 narrow-body airplanes.

Taiwan is a hub for Asia Pacific air transport and has the shortest flight hours, an average of flight hours of 2 hours and 55 minutes from major 7 cities in the western Pacific region. Taiwan enjoys its competiveness in personnel productivity, work culture, and costs.

TAMECO aims to become the best aircraft maintenance company in Asia by providing high quality, high efficiency, and trustworthy aircraft maintenance services to keep satisfactory customers.