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Vitrek-MTI Instruments

  • Three Vibration/Balancing Solutions for the Aviation Industry
  • MTI Instruments offers three vibration/balancing solutions for the aviation industry. Learn more about testing and analyzing engine vibrations in this brochure.

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  • The Standard in Gas Turbine Engine Testing
  • Read more about the PBS-4100R+, the standard in gas turbine engine testing, in this brochure.

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  • MTI 1520 Precision Signal Simulator
  • Ruggedly built with laboratory grade accuracy and WiFi connectivity, the 1520 Precision Signal Simulator lets you test and calibrate sensor-driven systems with precision, portability, and ease. Learn more with this data sheet.

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  • Charge Amplifier for Test Cell Balancing Systems
  • The CA1800 Charge Amplifier System conditions and amplifies charge-mode accelerometer signals. Find out more about its capabilities in this data sheet.

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  • PBS-4100+ Commercial Jet Engine Vibration Analysis & Balancing
  • MTI's PBS-4100+ is the latest evolution in aircraft engine maintenance. Learn more in this detailed brochure.

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  • MTI 1510A Signal Generator
  • MTI 1510A Signal Generator is the standard in signal simulators/calibrators. Learn more in this data sheet.

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  • Model 8000-4225 Two Channel Charge Amplifier
  • Find out more about the MTI Model 8000-4225 Two Channel Charge Amplifier here.

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  • PBS eXpress Data Sheet
  • The MTI PBS eXpress is designed to optimize the small-frame turbofan and turboprop engines used extensively in the regional jet, business jet, and general aviation markets. Learn more in this data sheet.

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