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D & R Sales & Services, Inc.

D&R Sales and Services have been specializing in the sales of surplus emergency evacuation equipment since 1984.  We stock rafts, slides, slide/rafts, and life preservers from all major manufacturers; as well as a large inventory of related expendable parts.  

We efficiently meet critical shipments and offer a 24-hour AOG Service.

D L K Aviation, Inc.

As an FAA certified repair station, DLK Aviation operates under FAA approved guidelines. Repair station certification is not mandatory but does demonstrate an aircraft service facility’s commitment to the safety of our employees, our customers, and the flying public. DLK Aviation’s operations manual serves as the basis for our repair station certification and provides clear guidelines for the on-going training of our technicians, the maintenance of our technical data, and the criteria for returning aircraft back to service.

D-Check Developments, Inc. / The Deltic Group

D-check Developments, Inc. / The Deltic Group

D-Check Developments, Inc. manufactures landing gear removal/installation equipment for military and commercial jets, MRO's and major aircraft manufacturers, servicing landing gear up to the weight of 1300 lbs. We have over 100 units in service worldwide. Specialty equipment is manufactured for landing gear components, such as, side brace, drag brace, and actuators. Our equipment is safe, reliable, simple, and cost effective. The Deltic Group is D-Check's Canadian and International Distributor.

D-J Engineering, Inc.

D-J Engineering, Inc.

Capability, Quality, & Delivery

While each of the D-J companies contributes unique strengths, all share the same commitment to quality and delivery. Collectively, our services perform at a level which makes them a strategic asset to each and every customer.

We produce very large assemblies and the details that go into them for anything that flies. We build and repair flight critical structures. We manufacture parts for commercial, military, and general aviation, and for space launch vehicles.

D. Elsworth, Inc.

D. Elsworth Inc, founded in 1987, dedicated to providing the best quality and value compressor blade repair while applying our knowledge and understanding of airfoils to provide a more efficient blade.  To provide the best quality, turn time, lowest cost, latest technology and most flexible service in the industry.

D. Marchiori S.r.L

DMA-Aero design and manufacture Aviation Ground Support Equipment (AGSE) such as; RVSM Air Data Test Sets and Systems, fly-by-wire flight control surface movement analyzers, tachometer test sets, tilt tables and equipment designed to customer specifications. This precision aircraft ground test equipment is used in over 80 countries worldwide by established overhaul bases, civil airlines and general aviation.

D.L.S. Electronic Systems, Inc.

D.L.S. is a full service Compliance Laboratory offering testing, consulting, & problem solving for your EMC, Wireless, Product Safety, & Environmental certification needs.

D.P. Digital Precision, Inc.

D.P. Digital Precision, Inc.

D.P. Digital Precision inc. has been founded in 1976. The company is specialised in precision wire E.D.M. mainly for the aerospace industry, molding die, punch and die, tooling, extrusion die, lettering, prototype and jig.

Our years of experience allow us to create a large range of products in a high quality standard.

D.P. Industries, Inc.

D.P. Industries, Inc.

D.P. Industries Inc, specializes in design, engineering, manufacture and installation of Side Sliding Aircraft Hangar Doors, Vertical Lift Hangar Doors, Partial Canopy Hangar Doors, Full Canopy Hangar Doors, Freestanding Structures, Paint Booth Plenum Hangar Doors, Hydraulic Swinging Hangar Doors, Munitions Storage l Blast Resistant Doors, Moving \ Mobile Structures and Tail Doors.

D3 Aviation, Inc.

D3 Aviation, Inc. was established to serve you, the customer, with over 50 years combined aviation experience within the industry. Our facility is dedicated to providing the highest quality of products and services that you have come to expect and deserve, specializing in the commercial aviation industry, commercial operators in numerous regions as well as an assortment of U.S. and Foreign Government entities.

DAC Aviation International, Ltee

DAC Aviation is committed to providing superior value and unparalleled support to our customers, while systematically improving the Safety, Security and Efficiency of our services, products and processes. A leader in aircraft maintenance and humanitarian charter solutions, DAC Aviation has emerged as a multi-skilled company with a human interest.

DAC International, A Greenwich AeroGroup Company

DAC International, a Greenwich AeroGroup company, is a worldwide distributor of avionics, test equipment, data converters and aviation supplies for general, corporate, military, regional and commercial aircraft. The company has an FAA approved manufacturing and development facility, holding several Supplemental Type Certificates, Parts Manufacturer Approvals and Technical Standard Orders. Products are compliant with DO-160, MIL-STD-810C and MIL-STD-461F. Manufactured goods containing software meet the objectives of DO-178B, Levels A, B, C, D or E.

Daco Instrument Co.

Daco Instrument Co.

For over 75 years, DACO Instrument has focused on providing value-added products built to the most exacting client specificationsEngineering Support The DACO reputation has been built one client at a time. Our customers continue to choose DACO because of the attention we give each client's project. Our engineers can help you discover new ways to reduce cost, or improve quality with your designs. We have the experience to deliver products that meet your most demanding specifications.