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Directory: Tools & Equipment


Insta Group Oy

Insta, an independent group of Finnish technology companies, assists its customers in developing and ensuring operational performance, security, and results. We respond to our customer requirements by delivering and maintaining reliable and modern automation, defense, and security technology for demanding conditions.


Instant UpRight Ltd.

Instant UpRight Ltd.

Instant HD is at the forefront of design in modular scaffolding systems. Manufactured from aluminium, it’s lightweight, incredibly strong and highly durable



While researching replacement materials for parachutes, two scientists discovered that no testing machine was accurate enough to meet their demands. They founded Instron in 1946, and we pioneered universal testing machines featuring strain-gauge load cells. Today, Instron remains committed to delivering the highest quality, leading-edge technologies and services designed to push the boundaries of research, quality control and service-life testing.

Instrument Technology, Inc.

Instrument Technology, Inc.

As a premier U.S. engineering-based firm, Instrument Technology, Inc. (ITI) specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of high-quality borescopes, fiberscopes, and videoscopes for inspection or observation into hostile environments or inaccessible areas.

From our inception in 1967, ITI has prided itself in bringing solutions to its customers with the most advanced remote viewing instruments and systems available, backed by a superior team of engineering specialists.



IntelliFinishing is a complete finishing systems provider. Our key difference is our revolutionary modular conveyor (better than power and free) and smart control technology, which allows individual sections of the conveyor to move independently in both speed and direction throughout the entire system.  This allows each process area; be it wash, coatings, cure or delivery, to act independent of the rest of the system for the ultimate system flexibility to obtain the highest quality and throughput.

Intercomp Co.

Intercomp designs and manufactures weighing and measurement solutions to help our customers improve product development, performance and compliance.

Interfast AG

Through our excellent knowledge, our worldwide network and our excellent long-standing supplier partnerships, we can support customers with international standard Aerospace fasteners and additionally also in the development, production of individual customer drawing parts through our manufacturers and last but not least also with distribution from our warehouse. Due to the implementation of the high DIN EN / AS 9120 standard, we offer at all times a very reliable basis for our business relationships.

International Survival Supplies Ltd.

International Survival Supplies Ltd. was originally organized by Donald Rohl to meet the demand for high quality, and reliable survival equipment. Our company started as a partnership in 1968 and was incorporated in 1970. 
Prior to starting the company Donald Rohl spent several years acquiring extensive knowledge required for the assembly of survival gear and equipment suitable to keep people alive under extreme weather and climatic conditions.

International Tools Agency A/S

Founded in 1987, ITA has become one of the Scandinavia's leading source and distributor of industrial use and aircraft tooling products. We are continuously working to increase the variety of tools we make available to our customers, while researching and developing ways to improve their strength, durability, and functionality. Our premium brand products include a complete line of the world's top tooling brands.

Our customers are military, airlines and MROs in Scandinavia, Europe and worldwide.

International Weighing Systems

International Weighing Systems provides state of the art weighing equipment and scales for all your material handling and weighing needs. With over 40 years in scale design and manufacturing, IWS, a registered and certified government contractor, can assess your requirements and devise a custom application to suit the needs of any industry. From aircraft and air freight weighing to counting, price and computing scales to load cells, load pins and sensors (NTEP approved), we have every kind of weighing equipment and scale for every kind of application.


InterTest, Inc.

Since 1981, InterTest® Inc. has created and provided remote visual inspection (RVI) tools and non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment to customers around the world. With our extensive experience in inventing and innovating industrial inspection and testing methods, we are proud to offer an armory of unparalleled products and solutions for virtually any industry and environmental application.

Intrepid Aerospace Inc.

Intrepid Aerospace holds a Limited Airframe and Limited Accessories ratings in order to provide our customers with the convenience of a one-stop-shop for all their repair, overhaul and modification needs. We specialized in Sheet metal, Advanced Composites, Interiors, Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Electromechanical components. We also offer specialized services for all your Cockpit and Cabin windows, landing lights and wingtip repair needs.

Invert Robotics logo

Invert Robotics

Invert Robotics presents our new robot for remote inspection of aircraft surfaces. On aluminium or composite construction, and even in wet weather, the robot enables visual inspections of surfaces difficult or dangerous to access, such as the crown and empanage, including underbelly and under wing.

Ionic Systems Ltd

Ionic Systems Ltd

We would like to introduce our systems into the Aviation Market. We will be happy to discuss ways of improving efficiency and reducing risk around aircraft. Systems on display will be *1 - Aircraft exterior windscreen cleaning systems without EWP *2 - Aircraft exterior washing, detailing systems with reduced needs for EWP *3 - Engine compressor washing water production equipment.