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Directory: Technology

Cincom Systems, Inc.

Cincom Systems, Inc.

Cincom is a global organization devoted to building software solutions that help businesses succeed. Our configure-price-quote, customer communications management, business application and development solutions are geared towards enhancing your organization’s capabilities, optimizing processes and delivering a better experience to your customers.

ClickSoftware, Inc.

ClickSoftware, Inc.

Our solutions address the fundamental questions of job fulfillment for any service organization, providing unparalleled visibility and control of business operations. By automating this process, our customers are able to manage their service business more efficiently, saving costs and making customers happier.

With our focus exclusively on field service, we provide extensive knowledge on how to build more successful service programs in any industry, while:

Increasing productivity and efficiency of field service organizations

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CloudVisit serves many industries with software solutions and is expanding. The company is backed by 15 years of success in software programming, video conferencing, telemedicine and telecommunications. It has a proven record of excellence, efficiency, security and quality customer service. For questions about MRO software and remote inspections or to request a no-obligation demo, call 845-809-5770.

Collier Research Corp.

What began at NASA 20 years ago has continuously developed into today’s HyperSizer suite of structural software solutions. As Collier Research Corporation’s flagship product, HyperSizer performs design, stress analysis, and detail sizing optimization for aircraft and space launch vehicles fabricated with composite or traditional metallic materials. On average, the software reduces the weight of structures by 20-40%, an exceptional achievement for aerostructures.

Command Technology, Inc.

Command Technology, Inc. (CTI) is a privately held information technology company with over 30 years of work experience with technical data requirements and the development and deployment of software products and professional services to the Defense, Aerospace, Power, and Marine industries. CTI is an active member of Aerospace Industries Association(AIA), National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) and International Society of Logistics (SOLE), among others.

Compro Computer Services, Inc.

Prior to COMPRO's origin, System Engineering Laboratories (SEL) was established in 1961, providing high-performance 32-bit minicomputer systems used in mission-critical, real-time applications. In 1980, Gould Electronics acquired SEL, becoming their Computer Systems Division (Gould CSD). Independently, Encore Computer Corporation was formed in 1983, creating massively scalable systems using open systems, merchant microprocessors and parallel technologies. In 1988 Nippon Mining purchased most Gould assets, while Encore purchased Gould CSD.

Compusult Ltd.

Compusult was formed in 1985 as a computer consulting firm with a primary focus on the development of scientific applications to support environmental data acquisition and management. More than 30 years later, Compusult is now a global leader in geospatial interoperability. We market a suite of standards based applications offering revolutionary solutions for geospatial data discovery, access and delivery. These data management solutions are built around our core software system, Web Enterprise Suite.

Computerised Training Systems Ltd.

Computerized Training Systems LLC (CTS) team has over 25 years award winning proven experience in the design, delivery and installation of learning solutions to include, Simulation, Emulation, Computer Based Training (CBT), 3D, e-learning solutions, software development and IT Support to large Corporations and Governments worldwide.

Copperchase Ltd.

A leading supplier of systems, services and solutions to industries
such as air transport, construction, procurement and logistical supply


Online training solutions, remote user support, virtual manuals & interactive design & modeling applications

Cosairus, LLC

As a software engineering firm, our primary focus is the development and implementation of custom software solutions. Our development process involves the initial specification and design, database construction, software development, testing and finally support. Throughout the project lifecycle we use proven planning strategies that allow our clients to keep track of where we stand in the development process. Through continuous communication during the development process, we can adapt to make any last minute changes to a system's functionality before it's released into production.



Creaform offers an easy, fast, and accurate NDT solution for 3D assessments of dent damages on aircraft surfaces. Paired with the HandySCAN 3D scanner, this unique solution provides instant results and saves users both time and money — without compromising diagnosis and safety.

Crewchief logo

Crewchief Systems

Crewchief Systems is redefining the aircraft asset intelligence space, delivering real-time aerial vehicle health & safety status to our customers. Our systems emphasize safety and pre-flight situational awareness for managed aircraft. We arm our customers with the personalized insights they need to effectively manage safety, assess risk improve operations, and protect value.


We partner with our customers to help them exceed their operational objectives.

For more than two decades, CribMaster has worked directly with its customers and partners to deliver leading solutions that improve the performance of manufacturing facilities and job sites all over the world. By providing intelligent inventory and asset management solutions, we help our customers optimize their operations.