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Directory: Technology

Intelligrated, Danville

Intelligrated, Danville

Honeywell Intelligrated designs, manufactures, integrates and installs complete material handling automation solutions, including conveyor, IntelliSort® sortation, Alvey® palletizers and robotics, automated storage and retrieval systems, and voice- and light-directed picking technologies — all managed by advanced machine controls and our best-in-class Momentum™ warehouse execution system.

International Business Machines Corp.

E-business projects for aerospace & defense including after-sales service, supply chain mgmt., product lifecycle mgmt., program & performance mgmt., procurement, enterprise resource planning & digital modeling

International Display Systems, Inc.

International Display Systems, Inc.

International Display Systems, Inc. (IDS) is an industry leader in providing passenger communications across mass transit mediums.  IDS’ talented staff of systems engineers, network administrators, and field service technicians design and certify Division 1-16 Specifications and Drawings, Local and Wide Area Networks, and all facets of Information Display Systems. IDS applies and schedules necessary resources, coordinates systems integration, maintains all applicable quality standards, and professionally manages all aspects of the construction process.

IntervalZero, Inc.

IntervalZero is relentlessly focused on our customers and we share their pursuit of excellence. We strongly believe that continuous investment in both our real-time software technology and in strengthening customer relationships is essential for long-term success.

Intuicom, Inc.

Founded in 1999, Intuicom, Incorporated is a leader in providing ruggedized wireless solutions that enhance precision GPS/GNSS applications, traffic control, transportation, and automation. Operating on all seven continents and in every possible climate, Intuicom solutions can satisfy the most demanding requirements.


Established in 1985, Intusoft designs and markets today's leading analog and mixed-signal design automation tools, as well as home/office wireless, programmable automation products. Intusoft backs each product with the industry's most extensive service and support program. Experience a one-stop resource for your technological and consumer electronic needs with the company's award-winning products, documentation, technical support and publications. Its solutions are cost effective and customer driven, also strengthened by a collection of solid partnerships.

Iron Bow Healthcare Solutions

Iron Bow Healthcare Solutions

In-flight medical emergencies happen and flight diversions are costly and inconvenient. Iron Bow Healthcare Solutions is a premier supplier of telehealth systems, managed care services, system design, networking, secure wireless and secure cloud video services. Iron Bow has teamed with TSI Aviation, a leader in the aviation aftermarket and OEM distributor to introduce the Airline MEDiC. This comprehensive audio and visual communications device allows flight personnel and/or medically qualified passengers to communicate with ground-based medical experts.

Irvine Compiler Corp.

Irvine Compiler Corporation provides quality Ada development environments, hosted on various Microsoft Windows, Linux, and UNIX systems. Traditionally, customers of ICC demand high performance on a wide range of hardware for embedded, real-time, and native applications. ICC Ada flies on several military and commercial aircraft. Incorporated in 1981, Irvine Compiler Corporation is a pioneer in Ada technology.

Isotec S.A.S

Isotec S.A.S

We are a leading company, created in 1997, specialized in conducting inspections through non-destructive testing . We count with certified professionals, equipment and methods properly fitted for every task.

We diagnose the integrity of industrial plants and equipment by diagnosing potential failures ahead of time.

Isotec provides its services to different industries such as:



Energy generation

Metallic Structures

Industrial Plants

ITK Engineering, AG

ITK Engineering, AG

Dev. flight simulation; jet engine & flight control system design

JDA Software Group, Inc.

JDA delivers end-to-end supply chain solutions that help you seamlessly connect your supply chain and profit more in an omni-channel world.

With JDA, you can seamlessly deliver for your end-customers, optimizing their experience with your retail store or product — all while you achieve your profit goals. More than 4,000 JDA global customers use JDA integrated retail and supply chain planning and execution solutions to optimize costs, increase revenue and reduce time to value.


For 80 years, we have been helping aviation professionals worldwide reach their destinations safely and efficiently. Today, we build on those roots by offering an ever-expanding array of innovative informational products, services, and software.

Jeppesen GmbH

Jeppesen GmbH

Flight nav. info. in print & elect. media; accessories; pilot training systems & supplies

For more than 80 years, Jeppesen and aviation have evolved together

Since 1934, when Captain E.B. Jeppesen began selling the world’s first aviation navigation charts, the company that bears his name has evolved alongside — not in response to — aviation. We aren’t providers. We’re partners. We’re co-pilots. And just as it was with Captain Jeppesen, the spirit of pilot helping pilot guides everything we do.

Jetnet, LLC

Jetnet, LLC

JETNET researchers capture, on average, 500 major database “Research Event" changes per day, and capture and record 900-1,000 retail aircraft transactions per month. Researchers work daily with dealers and brokers worldwide to maintain records, spec sheets, documents, and photos for about 6,500 aircraft for sale. Below are Priority Research Events viewed by our Evolution customers.

Jobscope Corp.

Jobscope Corp.

Jobscope was established to develop ERP software to meet the requirements of job-based manufacturing (Engineer to Order (ETO), Make to Order (MTO), Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO), Job Shop, and Government Contractor manufacturers) that were not being met by traditional manufacturing software solutions. Jobscope’s founders, were hands on manufacturing managers and software developers.

Jotron AS

About Jotron – Performance for Life

With 275 employees globally, Jotron has offices in Norway, Lithuania, Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United States and a representative office for the ATC market in China. Their products are also sold and serviced through international representatives.

Building the company “stone by stone” and creating lasting value since 1967

Juniper Networks, Inc.

Juniper Networks, Inc.

If your business depends on the network to deliver mission-critical transactions, applications, and services, you do business with Juniper Networks.

As we expand our customer base by working with the largest service providers and some of most successful and influential enterprise customers in the world, one thing remains the same: our commitment to them, and to you. We focus on understanding our customers’ needs so we can dig in and solve the hardest problems they face—problems that others can’t, or won’t, approach.

KGB Aviation Solutions LLC

KGB Aviation Solutions LLC

Since 2007 KGB Aviation Solutions has been successfully serving the flight data needs of aircraft operators, MRO’s, FAA repair stations, and the military using state-of-the-art equipment, technology and best-in-class services.