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Phazotron-NIIR JSC

Mfr. radars, radar weapon & defense control systems; gun-missile air defense systems; radars for space vehicles; weather radars & civil products

Phenix Design Group, Inc.

Tech. & program mgmt. for simulation projects; custom simulation software dev.; requirements analysis; vendor evaluation & selection recommendation

Phenix Technologies

Phenix Technologies

The PHENIX Advantage

• A complete line of test systems and components

• Innovative solutions for any project

• Superior quality, reliability, and versatility for years of extended service life

• Operating software that provides automation, data acquisition, remote control, and capabilities to meet demanding testing applications

• Optimum safety features

• Over 40+ years experience

• Supplier to over 110 countries

PHI Tech. Services, Inc.

PHI Tech. Services, Inc.

PHI is recognized around the world by operators and manufacturers alike as the industry leader in helicopter maintenance support services. With experience dating back to the beginning of rotary wing flight, we have expertly maintained a fleet encompassing a majority of leading manufacturer's helicopter models.

PHI, Inc.

PHI, Inc.

PHI, Inc. is one of the world’s leading helicopter services companies. Known industry wide for the relentless pursuit of safe, reliable helicopter transportation, PHI offers services to the offshore Oil and Gas, onshore mining, International, Air Medical, and Technical Services industries.

Philadelphia Gear Corp.

Philadelphia Gear Corp.

Mfr. power transmission equipt. including gear boxes, open gearing & associated power transmission equipt.

Philip Air, Inc.

Philip Air, Inc.

Philip Air is a global supplier of commercial cabin interiors, seats, IFEs, PSUs and other difficult to find interior components for Boeing, Airbus, and legacy aircraft.

We also supply commercial, and military engines, engine parts, airframe, rotables and piece parts,  QEC components such as starters, generators, CSD's, and hydralic pumps as well as CSD and ACM piece parts. The company also monitors and manages engine and component repairs.

Phillips Screw Company

Phillips Screw Company

As American industry turned to mass production in the 1920s, the drawbacks of the traditional slotted screw became evident. The alignment time of the driver in the screw recess multiplied thousands of times in a factory, and the cam-out from increased tightening torques, resulted in the invention of the modern fastener drive system.

Phillips Service Industries, Inc.

Established in 1967, Phillips Service Industries, Inc. (PSI) is a privately-held global manufacturing and services holding company that oversees a diverse collection of innovative subsidiaries: PSI Repair Services, Inc., PSI Semicon Services and Sciaky, Inc. We serve a wide range of high-tech industries like aerospace, defense, automotive, alternative energy and semiconductor. Our award-winning products and services help reduce costs and maximize efficiency for many Fortune 500 companies around the globe, as well as the U.S. Military.

Phitek Systems Ltd.

Phitek Systems Ltd.

Creating smarter products for the ultimate in-flight experience

Phitek is the world’s leading supplier of electronic innovations in noise cancellation, audio enhancement and other electronic touch points in the aircraft cabin.

Phitek’s proprietary active noise-cancellation technology is now specified by major airlines and sourced by all of the major manufacturers of in-flight entertainment systems.

Phoenix Aerospace Components, Inc.

Phoenix Aerospace Consulting Group

Phoenix Aerospace Consulting Group LLC was founded in 2005 to provide professional business development services to clients actively seeking to grow their business by the rapid introduction of new products and services to their portfolios and/or by the development of new markets.

Phoenix Aerospace is a niche consultancy focused on the international Aerospace and Defense sector. It has a proven history of delivering growth for its clients by the development and execution of growth strategies.

Phoenix Air Repair, Inc.

Phoenix Air Repair, Inc. is the certified repair station of choice in the Valley of the Sun for specialized aircraft components. As an FAA/EASA repair station, Phoenix Air Repair, Inc. holds limited accessory, instrument, and radio ratings. We focus on the repair of components for Bombardier, Embraer, Boeing/Douglas, and Airbus aircraft electronics, avionics, and instruments.

Phoenix Logistics, Inc.

Phoenix Logistics Incorporated (PLI) is an agile provider of engineering, manufacturing, information technology, and logistics & supply chain services to the defense, aerospace, and industrial markets. The company is made up of talented experts, with years of defense and industry experience, who reliably solve technical and programmatic problems related to aerospace design and manufacturing, as well as complex logistical challenges related to delivery of critical infrastructure (Medical, Energy, IT and Transportation).