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Directory: Manufacturing & Distributing

MacSema, Inc.

MacSema, Inc.

MacSema is a broad based engineering company offering custom design and development services. Our decades of experience enable us to quickly comprehend and respond to our client’s unique project requirements. The integration of our software, mechanical, electronic, and communications engineering services is supported by a reliable group of manufacturing partners. MacSema provides rapid response turnkey solutions saving our clients the time and costs involved in dealing with multiple vendors. Incorporated in 1990.

Madelec Aero

Madelec Aero

Designers and manufacturers of reliable Aircraft Interior products.

Magan Aerospace, LLC

Distribute & repair components & parts for military & commercial fixed- & rotary-wing aircraft

Magnetic MRO

Magnetic MRO

Magnetic MRO is a Total Technical Care maintenance and asset management organisation with a global presence and more than two decades of worldwide experience. The company has a well-established reputation in innovative solutions for digitalised MRO services and a proven track record as a one-stop total technical care organization for airlines, asset owners, OEMs, and operators. Magnetic MRO is specialized in a wide range of services, varying from line and base maintenance to asset management and engineering services.

Magnetic Seal Corp.

For over 60 years MAGSEAL’s aerospace sealing solutions have maximized service life and reliability in highly challenging and demanding aerospace applications. Through the use of innovative materials and a highly experienced engineering team, our specialty seal solutions – both magnetic and spring energized – withstand the unique conditions and environments typically experienced in state-of-the-art rotating systems.

Mahindra Aerospace Pvt. Ltd.

Mahindra Aerospace represents the Mahindra Group’s interests in utility aircraft and aerostructures.

The aircraft business, based in Australia, produces the Airvan 8 utility aircraft. Certified in 43 countries, over 250 Airvans operate world-wide in tourism, freight, law enforcement and other roles. In 2017 Mahindra Aerospace launched its new product, the Airvan 10 turboprop, certified in 7 countries so far.

Mallory Industries, Inc.

Manufacturer of Highly Complex Machined Parts and Precision Cams for Aerospace, Medical and Commercial Applications

Capabilities include CNC Turning, CNC Milling, CNC CAM Grinding; Cylindrical & Surface Grinding, Honing, Assembly and CNC Wire EDM.

Malwin Electronics Corp.

Since 1969, the main focus at Malwin has been the design, manufacture, and repair of simulated instrumentation for commercial and military aviation training. 

We aim to take care of our customers while advancing step-by-step alongside the flight simulator instruments industry. We strive for excellence with a consistent focus on the future for our customers, the industry, and our company.

Manufacture Des Tapis De Cogolin

Manufacture Des Tapis De Cogolin

Each Cogolin rug is a unique piece crafted by artisans with exceptional expertise. Our handlooms, equipped with Jacquard mechanisms, date from the 1880s. The Jacquard mechanism, created in 1801, combines needles, cylinders and punch-cards which function like sheet music, guiding hooks that raise threads according to the placement of holes in the cards to create textured designs and elaborate patterns.

Mapaero Aerospace Coatings

Since 2004, Mapaero has established itself as a major supplier of certified emulsion paints for the commercial fitting of passenger cabins (Airbus, Boeing, Eurocopter, Bombardier, Embraer). These high-technology paints have proven their performance levels by responding to the demanding requirements of aircraft manufacturers, such as fire resistance characteristics (smoke, flames, toxicity, etc.), cleanability, durability and resistance to chemicals.