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Directory: Manufacturing & Distributing


SRB Technologies, Inc.

SRB Technologies, Inc. (SRB) is the World leader in Self-Powered Emergency Lighting and Self Powered Exit Signs.  The company was the original commercial developer of the Self Powered Tritium Light Source during the 1960's.

Its focus at that time was developing Self Luminous Lighting Systems for the Military and the Aerospace industry.  It was soon recognized this failsafe Tritium Light Source would have enormous benefits in the area of Emergency Lighting in buildings, and so the Self Powered Exit Sign was developed that used Tritium Light Sources.  

Srebot Technologies

SREBOT Technologies is a leading provider of components for aircraft and turbine engine manufacturers since 1973.

SREBOT Technologies is a certified supplier of SAFRAN Group for over 40 years.

Our core capabilities include precision machining, lapping, assembly, NDT (FPI)


SRICO specializes in the use of electro-optics, nonlinear optics, and ferroelectric materials to create innovative optical chip-based products. Our award-winning engineering team brings extensive expertise in integrated optics, electro-optic materials, optoelectronics, fiber optics, electrical and electronic engineering. We have a proven track record of custom design & development that spans the range from materials to devices to complete systems.

SRICO also provides research and development, custom product design, and fabrication services.

ST Aerospace Guangzhou Aero-Technologies & Engineering Co. Ltd.

ST Aerospace Guangzhou Aero-Technologies & Engineering Co. Ltd.

ST Aerospace Guangzhou Aero-Technologies & Engineering handles the import, export, warehousing, logistics and other related activities such as leasing, repair, exchange and trade. We also operate a bonded warehouse within the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Logistics Zone.

ST Aerospace Supplies Pte. Ltd.

ST Aerospace Supplies Pte. Ltd.

We are the world’s largest commercial airframe MRO provider with a global customer base that includes leading airlines, airfreight and military operators.

At ST Engineering's Aerospace sector, we operate a global MRO network with facilities and affiliates in the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe. Our comprehensive suite of aviation capabilities includes MRO services in airframe, component and engine, aviation materials and asset management services as well as aircraft interior solutions. We also provide training for pilot and technical vocations and air charter services. 

ST Engineering Aerospace

ST Aerospace, one of the leading global names in MRO, offers a wide spectrum of maintenance and engineering services through five capability clusters:

St. Marys Carbon Co.

St. Marys Carbon has been an industry leader in carbon graphite production since its inception in 1939. Throughout our history, our line of carbon graphite, electro-graphite, resin bonded graphite, and metal graphite products have been meeting our clients’ application needs. We’ve developed a reputation of being a trusted provider of customized engineered solutions. Our highly skilled craftsmen relentlessly pursue perfection and our delivery times are second to none.

Stabilus, Inc.

Stabilus, Inc.

Stabilus represents expertise in the field of motion control. We offer a wide range of reliable products and develop tailor-made solutions for our customers for optimum motion sequences that inspire users. 

Global market leader for gas springs, dampers and electromechanical drives

Staco Systems Inc.

Staco Systems Inc.

For more than 60 years, the biggest names in aerospace and defense have trusted Staco Systems as the provider of choice for critical cockpit control systems. While competitors have come and gone, Staco is still going strong, propelled by superior engineering and continual technology development, including unique advances in optics, weight reduction and miniaturization. This technical superiority has led the company to continually enhance its standard offerings with unique custom solutions engineered and built to solve a customer problem or meet a customer specification.

Stake Fastener Co.

Stake Fastener Co., an operating division of Dupree, Inc., specializes in the design and manufacture of unique special application fasteners, with an emphasis on color-matched panel screws and screw assemblies. Our color-matched fasteners and bolts are not just painted, but processed with a durable coating material that resists chipping and flaking. Our first products, introduced over fifty years ago, were originally designed for aerospace applications.

Standard Aero Parts, Inc.

Standard Aero Parts, Inc.

Standard Aero Parts has been a leading supplier of high quality aerospace fasteners for over 50 years. We are a major supplier to the U.S. Government, military forts and bases, B/E Aerospace, FAA repair stations, foreign and domestic airlines, and various commercial distributors. High quality and customer satisfaction is our highest priority, which helps us maintain a leading edge in the competitive market of aerospace fasteners. Please contact us today for high quality fasteners and the best customer service in the industry.

Standard Wire & Cable Co.

Standard Wire & Cable Co., with over 60 years of experience in the domestic and international marketplaces, is synonymous with unequalled quality and service. We design, engineer, and manufacture commercial, military, and industrial electronic and electrical wire and cable; plus we maintain over 25,000 different types of wire and cable in stock. Our specialists understand your needs and can handle your requirements quickly and efficiently anywhere in the world. When your need is immediate for the top-of-the-line wire and cable, call Standard Wire & Cable Co.


StandardAero, Winnipeg

Founded in 1911, StandardAero has become one of the world aerospace industry’s largest independent maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) providers. Our company’s success is the outgrowth of the synergistic merger of businesses with complementary specialties that have exponentially increased our capabilities and generated unprecedented customer commitment and value. 

Stanford Mu Corp.

At Stanford Mu Corporation our mission is to provide reliable and dependable propulsion system components for space orbital infrastructure and space exploration vehicles. We are committed to providing the highest quality products and services to meet or exceed our customer’s satisfaction.