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Jasco Heating Treating, Inc.

Founded in 1978, Jasco Heat Treating originally known as Jasco/Sun Steel Treating, is one of the largest full-line, heat-treating facilities in eastern United States. The Jasco Heat Treating facility offers a range of heat-treating services, such as austempering, age hardening, solution annealing, spherodizing, normalizing, stress relieving, cycrogenic heat-treating, flame hardening, multiple tempering, rotary table and tumbler blast cleaning.

Jay-Cee Sales & Rivet, Inc.

Today, Jay-Cee Sales & Rivet Inc. is considered the nation's largest in-stock supplier of rivets and special fasteners. The company backs up that claim with 35,000 square feet of space containing over eight million pounds of inventory! That inventory includes everything from blind rivets, drive rivets, solid rivets, and rivet nuts, to brake lining rivets, tinner rivets, semi-tubular rivets, large steel rivets (1/2" and above), split rivets, and SAE clevis pine, plus riveting tools.

JAYCO- ELMA Cleaning Technologies

JAYCO- ELMA Cleaning Technologies

AYCO Cleaning Technologies collaborates with clients in multiple markets to fill cleaning process knowledge gaps in an engineer’s hunt for the most efficient manufactured parts cleaning system. In addition to identifying superior technology, we search for the most appropriate machine styles and process lines for industrial environments with rapidly shrinking floorspace. Well beyond the initial purchase, we maintain a highly-responsive relationship with customers to ensure any machine maintenance, application support, and chemical needs are addressed in a timely manner.

Jays Aircraft Maintenance, Inc.

Jay’s Aircraft Maintenance, Inc. (JAMI) is an FAA-approved, full-service aircraft maintenance facility located at John Wayne Airport, (KSNA). Jay’s has been privileged to serve the Orange County aviation community for over 34 years, and during that time Jay”s Aircraft Maintenance has earned a stellar reputation among its customers and acquaintances for excellence in Aircraft service and workmanship. Jay’s is an authorized Cessna Service Center as well as a distributor for numerous vendors including the popular and well respected JP Instruments (JPI) .

JB & A Aviation, Inc.

With over 30 years experience, JBA Aviation, Inc. has established itself as the clear leader among brokers of business jet aircraft. We are known throughout the industry as the brokerage organization with a reputation for professionalism.

Our reputation has been earned through exceptional success in representing clients in all facets of business and industry. We have worked for manufacturers, distributors, completion centers, public service companies, and fixed base operators, and have sold or acquired business aircraft with a cumulative value exceeding two billion dollars.

JB Roche

JB Roche (MFG) Ltd. is the world’s supplier of ready to go, inflatable shelters. Our patented IglooMX® units enables maintenance work without the need to move the aircraft off the ramp, pay for hangar rental costs or experience costly delays awaiting hangar space availability. We bring the hangar to the plane. JB Roche unique patented IglooMX® shelters will minimize your AOG downtime and save your organisation time and money. Keep your mechanics comfortable in a warm dry workspace while at the same time protecting your engines and sensitive equipment.

JBT AeroTech

John Bean Technologies Corporation (JBT) is a leading global technology solutions provider to high-value segments of the food processing and air transportation industries. We design, manufacture, test and service technologically sophisticated systems and products for our customers.

JDA Aviation Technology Solutions

JDA has experts in aviation safety, certification, compliance and more. With over one thousand years of collective experience, our staff has served at the highest levels within the FAA, NTSB and the airline industry. That's why those organizations trust and respect us. JDA was one of the first two firms to become FAA-recognized as a Qualified Certification Consultant for Part 121 new entrants.

JDA Software Group, Inc.

JDA delivers end-to-end supply chain solutions that help you seamlessly connect your supply chain and profit more in an omni-channel world.

With JDA, you can seamlessly deliver for your end-customers, optimizing their experience with your retail store or product — all while you achieve your profit goals. More than 4,000 JDA global customers use JDA integrated retail and supply chain planning and execution solutions to optimize costs, increase revenue and reduce time to value.

JDL Industries, Inc.

JDL offers an extensive product line and exceptional quality control and service. Our company is ISO 9001 and AS9120 certified. We offer extensive inventory of 3M, Hentzen, Henkel, Permacel, Polyken, LPS, FlameMaster, and NDT among others, which are available at all our locations. AOG service is also available.

Jean Gallay S.A.

Mfr. & repair complex components for civil & military aircraft engines, indsl. gas turbines & nuclear reactors; EASA #145.0374

Jeff Air Pilot Services

From premier flight school training to assisting you with corporate or cargo flight support and management, Jeff Air Pilot Services will provide you with exceptional service and a rewarding experience unlike any other flight school and service provider in the Midwest.

The Jefferies LLC, Aerospace & Defense Div.

The Jefferies LLC, Aerospace & Defense Div.

Jefferies Financial Group is a leading financial services company focused on creating long-term value for shareholders

The world's only independent full-service global investment banking firm focused on serving clients for over 55 years

Jefferies LLC, Los Angeles

Jefferies Financial Group is a
leading financial services company
focused on creating long-term
value for shareholders

Jefferson City Flying Service

Jefferson City Flying Service (JCFS) is a full service FBO that also offers flight training, hangars, aircraft rental, aircraft charter, aircraft maintenance, aircraft parts and avionics. Click on any of the following images to learn more about our services.

Jenco Electronics

Jenco Electronics, LLC has been a stocking distributor of connectors & interconnect components for the military, aerospace and aviation electronics industries since 1984.

We have over 33 years of business in North Texas!

Jenco Electronics, LLC is headquartered in Grand Prairie, Texas.  Our 35,000 square foot facility in Grand Prairie stocks millions of major line connectors and interconnect accessories for worldwide delivery in the military, aerospace and aviation industries. Order's received by 3:00 pm ship the same day.

Jennings Technology Co.

Jennings Technology Co.

Jennings products offers the benefit of more than 70 years of expertise in state-of-the-art vacuum technology, producing non-thermionic vacuum compoments for high voltage and high frequency applications. This expertise combined with service, quality and reliability - is why you'll find Jennings components in applications globally.

Vacuum capacitors
High voltage and current rating, wide tuning range, low losses, self-healing, and high altitude operation.

Jenny Products, Inc.

Jenny Products, Inc.

In 1927, Jenny revolutionized cleaning worldwide with the invention of the steam cleaner. "Steam Jenny", as it came to be called, facilitated the cleaning of dirty greasy parts and equipment in an efficient and cost-effective manner, thereby reducing the amount of time and labor required. For over 70 years, Jenny has been at the forefront of aqueous cleaning and has helped transform the industry into what it has become today. What we feel separates Jenny from the rest of our competition is knowledge, expertise, and experience.