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Directory: Manufacturing & Distributing

Kinetic Structures Corp.

Kinetic Structures Corp.

Kinetic Structures manufactures wire mesh products. Wire mesh is a flexible metal which can be used for vibration isolation, vibration damping, shock absorption, thermal expansion, thermal insulation, and snubbing. Its all metal construction can withstand high temperatures, chemicals, and high loads.

Kinetic Systems, Inc.

Kinetic Systems produces "World Class" Vibration Isolation Products (or Vibration Control Products) to provide vibration-free work environments for users and manufacturers of sensitive equipment. Our Vibration Isolation Products and Optical Tables literally set the standard for Quality and Performance... We provide end-users "Point of Installation" pre-engineered, all purpose, low frequency, vibration isolation workstations, vibration control tables and platforms for tabletop and floor mounted equipment.

Kinetics Industries, Inc.

Kinetics Industries, Inc.

Kinetics Industries, established in 1939, is an integrated manufacturer of highly reliable and durable SCR regulated and diode line-regulated power rectifiers, industrial DC power supplies, fuseless bolted fault rated magnet rectifiers, flux forcing magnet rectifiers, crane rectifiers, DC substations, synchronous motor field & generator excitation systems and power conversion solutions.

King Industries, Inc.

King Industries, Inc.

Family Owned Since 1932

Robert Joshua King co-founded the King & Lang Co. in 1932, specializing in sulfonic acid based additives for the production of rubber goods.  His son, R. Gardner King, founded King Industries, Inc. focusing on the production of additives for the Rubber and Lubricants Market.

The King's Engineering Fellowship

The King's Engineering Fellowship

The Angel, a graceful sleek pusher aircraft with fully retractable landing gear and seating for eight offers comfort and ease of handling plus a high load capacity, while providing the peace of mind of a twin-engine, STOL-capable airplane. With easy seat removal, the Angel can economically carry one or two medical stretcher patients and one or two paramedics.

Fully IFR Equipped

Certified to FAR 23

Dependable IO-540-M1C5 engines

Hartzell propellers

1,920 lb useful load

175 knot cruise at 75% power

Kingman Aviation Parts, Inc.

Kingman Aviation Parts, Inc. has been in business since 2000. We maintain a strong quality assurance system. Our shipping and receiving personnel conduct thorough inspections of our material and carefully package all out-going shipments with proper traceability documents as specified to the customer

Kinnear Upholstery

Jim Kinnear started the company after many years experience working in the railroad and automobile industry in the U.K. and the airline industry here in Canada. During the first eight years, he built a solid base of clients in the Montreal region.

In 1993 he retired, leaving the business to his daughter Marie Kinnear and son un law Brent Patterson. Since that time, they have built the company up to one, which now supplies the airlines industry with a catalogue that includes a wide variety of products and services.

Kistler Instrumente AG

Kistler Instrumente AG

Kistler is the global leader in dynamic measurement technology for measuring pressure, force, torque and acceleration. Cutting-edge technologies provide the basis for Kistler's modular solutions.

Klingelnberg America

Klingelnberg America

A family-owned company, KLINGELNBERG Group is one of the leading companies in the gear industry. Thanks to numerous innovations in the areas of calculation, manufacturing and measuring technology, Klingelnberg maintains a position of technology leadership in this industry. With the acquisition of the core business of Höfler Maschinenbau GmbH in 2012, Klingelnberg expanded its product portfolio with the addition of gear manufacturing machines for cylindrical gears, thereby strengthening its position as a single-source system supplier. 

Klx Aerospace Solutions

Klx Aerospace Solutions

KLX Aerospace Solutions is the world's premier provider of fasteners, chemicals, tools, lighting, metal products and composites – and the logistical solutions that help you manage your supply chain more efficiently. We focus on the high-volume, low-cost side of the aerospace supply chain to free you to focus on what really matters: building aircraft and keeping them soaring in the skies. Come to booth #3073 to learn more about how together we are a Part of Something Bigger.

KME Diving Suits, Inc.

KME Diving Suits, Inc. manufactures high quality tailored or stock size Dry suits, Custom Fishing and Hunting Waders, Lady's Custom Waders,  Diving Hot Water Suits, MK-V DRESSES, Commercial Hard Hat Dresses, and many other Diving Accessories.

Knight Aerospace Products, Inc.

Knight Aerospace located in San Antonio, Texas, is a design, manufacturing, and modification center dedicated to providing competitive and functional products and reliable service. Knight Aerospace intends to set the standard of excellence for suppliers in the aerospace industry. We are firmly committed to Total Customer Satisfaction, and continually strive to improve our products and services.


Knisley Welding, Inc.

Knisley Welding, Inc.

Knisley Welding Inc. has been a family owned and operated business serving the aviation community since 1974. Glenn Knisley, who was working at Mather Air Force Base at the time as a supervisor in the welding department, began the company with the idea of filling a need for aircraft exhaust systems that were difficult to find. Glenn was retired from the military where he had received training in welding. The idea for the company began when an aircraft owner brought a muffler to Glenn for repairs because there was no one in the area repairing exhaust systems.

Koala Corp.

Koala Kare Products is the world's most recognized brand of Baby Changing Stations and commercial childcare products. We are a privately held company headquartered in Centennial, CO and a Division of Bobrick Washroom Equipment, Inc.  

Helping operators of public establishments equip their operations to accommodate the needs of caregivers and their children is what Koala Kare Products is all about. We're proud to be the world's leading provider of safe and innovative commercial childcare products for over 25 years.

Koch Metal Spinning Co., Inc.

Koch Metal Spinning Co., Inc.

Established in 1939, Koch Metal Spinning, a fourth generation family owned business, has grown to become one of the country's leading manufacturers of precision metal spinnings and spun metal products. We are proud to have the following quality certifications:

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

AS9100:2016/AS9100D Certified

ITAR registered (M27897)

ANAB Accredited

NADCAP Accredited - Aluminum Heat Treatment

Kocoverk International AB

Mfr. aircraft heaters & air cycle machines

Kongsberg Automotive, Inc.

At KA Fluid Transfer Systems, we design and manufacture specially engineered fluid transfer hose assemblies based on carbon or stainless steel , PTFE and other fluoropolymers, Nylons and other thermoplastics or as combinations.We are experts in the markets we serve. Dedicated to customer service, we strive to design real-world solutions with products that are fit for function, cost-effective and reliable.