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Headquartered in Ireland, Skypaq has developed a unique regulatory approved software framework based on an electronic technical log that integrates flight operations and technical services which brings substantial cost savings and efficiencies to an aviation organisation.

SkyTECH Solutions, LLC

SkyTECH Solutions, LLC

TCG Digital is the flagship technology consulting and solutions company of The Chatterjee Group (TCG). We help in building the modern digital enterprise leveraging the power of Analytics, Mobility, Digital Sourcing and Customer Centricity.

Smart Communications, Inc.

Computer software & services for electronic publishing, controlled english authoring, elearning & globalization

Smart Software, Inc.

Smart Software, Inc.

Since its founding in 1984, Smart Software has been a leading provider of demand planning, forecasting, and inventory optimization solutions.  We help our customers utilize their corporate data including sales history, demand signals, supplier transactions, and more to better forecast demand, optimize inventory stocking requirements, and identify opportunities to improve operational efficiency.

Snowflake Software Ltd.

Snowflake Software accelerates innovation in the aviation industry by making the world’s aviation data accessible and easy to use. Our award winning Laminar Data Platform is the world’s first commercial platform dedicated to cleaning, fusing, and organizing the world’s aviation data to make it easy for our customers to build valuable, operational applications.

SoftPLC Corp.

We're SoftPLC Corporation, an industry leader in open architecture programmable automation controller systems and industrial software. Our customers know us as providers of quality, state-of-the-art products and legendary technical support. With thousands of companies using our products in applications ranging from simple machines to complete distributed plant-wide process control systems, we prove daily that the company, our employees and our technology are top-notch.

Sogeti France

Software engrg. applications; real-time, networks, databases, artificial intelligence & training

Sogitec Industries, S.A.

Mfr. simulation systems; software & support services; computer graphic arts & data processing service

Space & Defence Technologies Inc. (SDT)

SDT Space & Defence Technologies Inc. (SDT) is a privately owned Turkish company which has been developing indigenous software, hardware and integrated solutions for Defence, Space and Aviation areas since February 2005. SDT’s facilities are located at METU Technopolis Area.

Space Applications Services N.V./S.A.

Space Applications Services NV/SA is an independent Belgian company founded in 1987, with a subsidiary in Houston, USA.
Our aim is to research and develop innovative systems, solutions and products and provide services to the aerospace and security markets and related industries. Our activities cover manned and unmanned spacecraft, launch/re-entry vehicles, control centres, robotics and a wide range of information systems.

Spacebel S.A.

Spacebel S.A.

Spacebel is a Space systems and software engineering company operating in the Space and Earth monitoring application sectors, serving space agencies, major aerospace prime companies, EU institutions and the commercial market.
Our skills include the mission definition and analysis of EO minisatellites, the design, development, integration, validation of IT space systems and geospatial information systems.

Earth observation spacecraft and complete Earth observation solutions including user requirements and system definition


SpeachMe is a How-To video creation solution for the aviation industry. Leading aerospace firms such as Airbus, Safran, Air France and Daher leverage SpeachMe for maintenance, repair and operations to accelerate the continuous improvement process, stay agile and achieve operational excellence.

SpeachMe provides the easiest and fastest solution for capturing best practices from the floor and sharing them across the entire organization. Interactive Speaches are viewable on any device and can include documents, slides, existing videos and quizzes. 


Created by the airline industry to revolutionize the multi-billion dollar aviation parts business, Spec 2000 is a comprehensive set of e-Business specifications, products and services that are designed to overcome challenges that have plagued the industry's supply chain for decades. Widely used by the world's airlines and suppliers, the system has served the industry for more than 40 years and has evolved to embrace the latest technological advances in information exchange.

Specops Software, Inc.

Specops Software, Inc.

The year was 1998. The first MP3 player was released to the public, the average cost for a gallon of gas was $1.03, and the highest grossing movie was Saving Private Ryan. It was also the year Microsoft introduced NT5 Beta 2, known as Windows 2000, and in that a technology known as Group Policy.


Spok, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Spok Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: SPOK), headquartered in Springfield, Va., is proud to be the global leader in healthcare communications. We deliver clinical information to care teams when and where it matters most to improve patient outcomes. Top hospitals rely on the Spok Care Connect® platform to enhance workflows for clinicians, support administrative compliance, and provide a better experience for patients. Our customers send over 100 million messages each month through their Spok® solutions. When seconds count, count on Spok.