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Pulsar Developments Ltd.

Founded in 1975 and now with over 25 years of experience Pulsar Developments Ltd has been providing custom electronic solutions to large, medium and small sized companies.

We specialise in the supply of a range of products which are not normally available from component distributors and are backed by years of application and engineering knowledge. Now you too can have access to their expertise via this website.

Pulsco, Inc.

Since 1922, PULSCO has enjoyed tremendous success as a research and product oriented company in Hydropneumatic Control Systems, Gas and Liquid Dampeners, and Industrial Silencers. Our product's reputation for performance, reliability and innovation is exceeded only by our engineering capabilities and experience. 

Pulse Systems Inc.

Worldwide, Pulse Systems is a leading provider in the design, manufacture and installation of radar subsystems, upgrades of existing systems and RF sources. Pulse Systems prides itself in its unique custom design capability, coupled with the latest innovations in radar transmitters. Our company devotes a great deal of time to research and development in order to provide the industry with the latest technology and design in radar, radar subsystems and RF sources.

Purdue Aviation, LLC.

Purdue Aviation, LLC is a full service Fixed Base Operation, (FBO). We provide fuel sales, aircraft maintenance, flight training, aircraft rental and aircraft sales. With top-notch services such as these, we strive to meet the needs of all our customers, no matter how unique the request may be.

Purdue University Aviation Tech. Dept.

Make your mark at Purdue’s School of Aviation and Transportation Technology. This is a place that pushes all limits and moves the world forward at a soaring pace. Join us to take on grand challenges like sustainability, safety, and quality. Partner with global industry leaders to provide the highest quality graduates to the workforce. Address real-world problems through in-class projects and industry-supported field research. 

Purdy Electronics Corp.

The mission of Purdy Electronics Corporation is to provide our original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers with the highest quality electronic components at competitive prices, supported with superior customer and technical service and value added enhancements.

Purdy Electronics has been providing electronic components to OEMs for over 75 years. We specialize in manufacturing a limited number of product lines including: liquid crystal displays (LCD), light emitting diodes (LED), fans and blowers, switches, and fiber optic components.

PW Power Systems, Inc.

PW Power Systems understands that the industries we serve are both robust and ever-evolving which is exactly what drives our unique approach to how we deliver flexible power solutions to areas of the world with complex energy needs.

Delivering power and energy is what we do but we don’t do it alone. We value the power of partnering with our customers. Your input and insights help us think proactively and work nimbly to create solutions that optimize your energy productivity, reliability, and operational efficiency.

Pyramid Plastics, Tolber Chemical Div.

Mfr. plating stop-off maskants, custom plastic extrusions & specialty cleaners


Pyroalliance is the European leader and a world-class player in pyrotechnics, delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions tailored to our customers’ critical requirements. With more than a half-century of experience as a manufacturer of state-of-the-art pyrotechnic and mechanical equipment, Pyroalliance addresses the requirements of cutting-edge industries, including Aerospace, Defense and Energy. We leverage our proven expertise and innovative mindset to develop products that combine the performance and reliability needed to perform critical functions for our customers’ systems.

The Pyrometer Instrument Co., Inc.

Mfr. temp. indicators; infrared sensing systems; optical test equipt.; precision temperature sensor & temperature measurement instruments

PZL Warszawa-Okecie S.A.

First factory facilities were founded in Okęcie district of Warsaw in 1928. Since then, 22 aircraft models were designed and released for serial production. In all nearly 6000 aircraft left the premises of the factory and were sold to more than 30 countries. PZL-23 Karas, PZL-37 Los, PZL-104 Wilga, PZL-106 Kruk and PZL-130 Orlik were and are the main models.

PZL is one of the Airbus companies, commited with the best standards and industrial processes of the biggest aeronautical company in Europe and all over the world.