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Directory: Manufacturing & Distributing

Aviojet Corp.

Aviojet Corp.

Aviojet Corporation established in 1982, has been recognized in the international aerospace market for quality products and outstanding services to its worldwide clients. Aviojet gained recognition by providing support and supply with cost factor, and also in assisting its represented manufacturers to expand their sales and services in overseas markets. Our headquarters are located in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. 

Avion Graphics, Inc.

Avion Graphics experienced team has collaborated with design firms, branding companies, airline engineering and marketing departments to help transform your new livery, specialty paint, promotional designs, milestone celebrations and informational markers into the creative trends in the skies today. Recognized globally, Avion Graphics has provided placards, decals, stencils, nameplates and markers for 32 years for the interior galleys, bulkheads, tray tables and lavatories.

Avion Technologies Inc.

Avion is an AS9100 registered company which provides contract manufacturing services primarily to the aerospace and defence industries. We are a leading supplier of high quality gears, precision components, and sub-assemblies for some of the most demanding customers around the world. Our parts fly on major programs for Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, US Department of Defense, and others. Avion employs advanced manufacturing technology, processes, and talented people to deliver value to its customers.

Avionic Industries, Inc.

Avionic Industries, Inc.

Distr. aircraft electronics components

Avionic Instruments & Acme Aerospace

As a pioneering designer, producer and supplier of advanced power conversion equipment, Avionic Instruments has helped power flight for more than 40 years. Since the early 1970’s AI has earned a reputation for excellence in power processing technology, and today its high-reliability, high-performance products are found on the world’s most sophisticated aircraft.

Avionic Instruments LLC

Avionic Instruments LLC

As a pioneering designer, producer and supplier of advanced power conversion equipment, Avionic Instruments has helped power flight for more than 40 years.  Since the early 1970’s AI has earned a reputation for excellence in power processing technology, and today its high-reliability, high-performance products are found on the world’s most sophisticated aircraft.

Avionics & Systems Integration Group, LLC

The Avionics & Systems Integration Group is the industry pioneer of analogue-to-digital upgrades for classic and contemporary aircraft.

Avionics Innovations, Inc.

Avionics Innovations, Inc.

Avionics Innovations designs and manufactures a complete line of FAA/PMA approved video and audio entertainment systems for aviation. Our products are designed with additional RFI and EMI shielding, and we subject our equipment to rigorous testing to ensure that it meets FAA requirements and will not interfere with on-board navigation, communication, or radar systems.

Avionics International Supply, Inc.

Avionics International Supply, Inc.

Aerospace Instrument Support, Inc. (AIS) is more than your standard repair shop. With our Unlimited Instrument Rating and Limited Radio, Accessory and Airframe ratings we can completely take care of your aviation needs. We have an extensive network of dealers for the latest in Aircraft Instruments and Avionics to keep you and your aircraft on the cutting edge of technology. Our staff of A&P’s, IA’s and FAA Repairmen can respond to your needs in a timely fashion, with the professional results you expect!

Avionics Sales Corp.

Founded in 1991 AVIONICS SALES CORPORATION is one of the industry’s leading supplier of avionics equipment with an excellent track record, supplying Corporate Operators, Airlines, Government agencies and Military clients around the world. Throughout the years we have acquired an excellent reputation for supplying high quality avionics equipment and instruments. Our strategically located facilities in the United States, Europe and Central America are ready to support your operations worldwide.

Avionix Corp.

Welcome to the site of AVIONIX Corporation. For over 25 years, Avionix Corporation has supplied to the aircraft industry 2 ATI, FAA-TSO approved, standby flight units. Our esteemed quality, our on time deliveries, and our competitive prices have assisted us in becoming a world-renowned supplier of aircraft instrumentation. Our highly trained technical staff assures quick response to any and all A.O.G. situations along with customer proto type consignment units. We look forward to serving this ever-changing aviation industry with our expertise and flight line ready instruments.


AvionTEq is the leading provider of aviation testing equipment and support services. We offer a wide range of new and refurbished test equipment and tooling for sale, rental or lease. Additionally, We help our clients with repair, calibration and management of their equipment. AvionTEq also purchases and accepts trade-in of used or excess test equipment.



Avioparts is a world leading supplier of lubricants, chemicals, aircraft tyres, spare parts and logistic solutions for aircraft maintenance including all types of airlines, commercial operators and maintenance providers as well as several military operators worldwide. Our core business is the same day despatch from stock of aircraft components, lubricants and chemicals with full certification to trade customers including airlines, operators, maintenance companies, armed forces and aircraft manufacturers around the world.

Avioserv San Diego, Inc.

Regarded as a leader in the industry, Avioserv specializes in the supply and sale of serviceable aircraft engines and the subsequent sale, lease and exchange of engine parts, engine components, whole engines and accessories to major airlines, repair and overhaul facilities, and part distributors. In addition, Avioserv provides integrated inventory asset-management services.

Aviosign BV

Aviosign is an certified supplier, products are delivered with a CoC

Products are compliant with FAR 25.853 Amdt 14 App F part I (a) (1) (i)
All placards are manufactured in accordance with FAA regulations and specification.

AvioTrade Group

AvioTrade Group is a consolidated group of companies strategically created to supply the aviation industry and its ancillary businesses with services, support, and parts needed for commercial operation.

Sale, Distribution and Consolidation of Aeronautical Parts

Supply Chain Management Programs

Total Logistics Management

Free Trade Zone

FAA and EASA Maintenance Repair

Bonded Warehousing

Avix Aero logo

Avix Aero

Avix Aero is an aerospace company producing game-changing commercial aircraft technologies and solutions. Avix brings a unique combination of technical innovation, engineering and certification expertise, and commercial airline experience that creates pragmatic solutions that improve safety and airline operational efficiency.