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Quiet Wing Corp.

Quiet Wing Corp.

Quiet Wing has over 25 years of experience designing and certifying complex systems for transport category aircraft. Our expertise and capability spans complex aerodynamic designs, structural issues, fuel systems, security concerns and the ability to achieve FAA certification and STC’s (Supplemental Type Certificate) on a wide range of aircraft. We have systems in operation world wide on most of the Boeing Aircraft models, the A321 as well as experience working on McDonnell Douglas, Cessna, Bombardier and Lockheed aircraft.

Quiet Wing Technologies, Inc.

Quiet Wing Technologies, Inc.

Quiet Wing is the leader in supplying innovative solutions for aircraft. We specialize in design, analysis, and certification leading to the supply of complete parts and assemblies ready for installation.

With a team of dedicated and highly skilled engineers, CAD specialists, DER’s and manufacturing/QA personnel, we can take a concept from birth, through the complicated and rigorous FAA certification process; we source all of the parts, manufacture the unique elements and have kits ready to be installed on your aircraft.

Quimmco Centro Tecnologico, S.A. de C.V.

QUIMMCO CENTRO TECNOLÓGICO (QCT) is a key company in the industrial manufacturing business with more than 20 years of experience.

We offer integral solutions in services and machined products through our three business units:

Quinebaug Valley Community College

Quinebaug Valley Community College

Students have the opportunity to accomplish their goals in a personalized, engaging, and affordable educational environment. Whether you are the first in your family to attend college or are continuing your education, QVCC has courses and programs to help meet your educational, professional, and lifelong goals. At QVCC you can earn an associate’s degree, transfer to a four-year college or university, begin or advance your career, or enrich your life through lifelong learning.


Every business has its planning puzzles, some large, some complex, some seemingly impossible to solve. Quintiq’s vision is to solve every one using a single platform. That vision has driven the development of Quintiq software since the first line was coded back in 1997. Our vision is transforming the world’s supply chains.

Quintus Technologies

Quintus Technologies is the leading fluid cell press supplier to the aerospace industry, with more than 150 Flexform™ systems in operation at major aircraft and airframe metal fabrication manufacturers worldwide, including Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Cessna, and Embraer. Stop by Booth 3105 to find out about our new High Pressure Warm Forming process, which is a new technology that can replace or complement existing Titanium forming methods, such as hot-forming. This technology can offer 50% reduction in production costs and five times increased throughput.

Quote Net LLC.

Quote Net LLC.

QuoteNet is a hub that connects airlines, MROs, corporate and private aviation with OEMs, repair stations, and part suppliers. This search engine is unique and different from the competitors because it gives clients the advantage of getting accurate and fast quotes avoiding outdated estimates.

Qwest Air Parts Inc

Qwest Air Parts Inc.

Qwest Air Parts is one of the largest global parts suppliers with more than 300 airframes disassembled and a sales force with over 175 combined years of experience. With a dedicated dismantlement facility in Crestview, FL, we pride ourselves on exceeding expectations through professional execution, and gaining long-term relationships with our customers through courteous service, peerless quality and honest dealings.