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Directory: Tools & Equipment


Sierra Nevada Corp.

Mfr. machining, metal processing, heat treating & finishing; Aircraft modifications & installations including avionics/electrical; aircraft inspections; custom portable/person pack secure telecommunications products; FAA certified repair station J8UR891Y


SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts provides practical, cost-effective selective brush plating solutions to improve part performance and reduce manufacturing costs through corrosion protection, increased wear resistance, increased hardness, improved conductivity, anti-galling or slip. SIFCO ASC surface enhancement technologies and brush plating services have been utilized for over 50 years on both OEM components and on parts requiring refurbishment in the aerospace, oil and gas, general industry, and power generation sectors.



SimAir has been manufacturing aeronautical components for the last 30 years. The expertise developed by high skilled workers through the years derives from two complementary businesses.

- Metal fabrication, includes all the steps in the manufacturing of specific parts or subassemblies designed for the building of aerostructures (body structrure, wings, pylon). The company’s mission is to serve the aircraft manufacturers and assemblers in the most efficient way, by offering complete solutions for each step of their manufacturing processes.

Simonds Industries, Inc.

Mfr. cutting tools; wood products

Sioux Tools, Inc.

A legendary USA-made brand of power tools established in 1914 to support the growing production and manufacturing needs of an expanding America. SIOUX is relentlessly focused on engineering better solutions to help tool users hold, use and maintain their power tools.  As a result – SIOUX power tools last longer and work harder in manufacturing, repair and assembly operations.

Sisteplant SA

Sisteplant SA

We are a leading service company in the industrial engineering sector, and our mission is to actively help our clients thrive by using innovative organization techniques and the most advanced information and/or manufacturing technologies.

We want to be the most innovative industrial engineering operating in international markets and we provide absolute loyalty to our clients, always exceeding their expectations.

Sko-Die, Inc.

Sko-Die, Inc.

Steininger family owned and operated since 1947, Sko-Die has provided quality custom metal stampings, tooling, and assemblies for our loyal customers.

SkyCare Intl.

SkyCare Intl.

Founded in 1992, Aerocare has grown to become the largest ground handler within the Australian and New Zealand region. In 2018, Aerocare joined Swissport, the world’s leading provider of ground and air cargo services active at 315 airports in 50 countries across all five continents.

Aerocare is focused on providing our airline customers the highest levels of service, accountability, efficiency, and reliability, in an ever challenging, highly competitive and constantly changing market.



Skyservice is Canada's leading facility for aircraft maintenance services with over 25 years of proven experience specializing in line and heavy maintenance for commercial aircraft Succeeding in becoming the aircraft maintenance of choice for many of the world's corporations, leasing companies and commercial airlines, Skyservice operates 24/7 out of state-of-the-art facilities in Toronto, Montreal and Calgary, providing the best in technical services and solutions. Our knowledgeable team of trained technicians can provide systematic and comprehensive maintenance services.

Skytanking Ostend NV

Skytanking Ostend NV

Skytanking provides a full range of aviation fuelling services including into-plane fuelling, aviation fuel storage and hydrant management, investment in aviation fuel facilities at airports and engineering. Its customers are airlines, airports, and oil companies. The company currently handles 18.1 million cbm of aviation fuel per year, refuels 1.6 million aircraft – which is equivalent to three fuellings per minute – and has operations at 74 airports in 13 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Smarte Carte, Inc.

Smarte Carte, Inc. is the leading concessionaire of self-serve vended luggage carts, electronic lockers, commercial strollers and massage chairs, as well as other passenger and guest services.

Smiths Flex-Tek

Flex-Tek is a global provider of engineered components that heat and move fluids and gases for the aerospace, medical, industrial, construction and domestic appliance markets.

SMP Technik

With a strong service culture, a very responsive technical workforce and a rigorous quality policy, SMP is a multidisciplinary player in the mechanical industry. Our mission is to improve the performance of our customers by significantly contributing to the design and production of high-precision equipment for the mechanical industry.

Snorkel International

Mfr. aerial work platforms for aircraft & facilities maint.

Societe d'Exploitation des Materiels Martin-Baker

Societe d'Exploitation des Materiels Martin-Baker

Created in 1959, the Société d’Exploitation des Matériels Martin-Baker (SEMMB) is 50/50 owned by Safran and Martin-Baker. To date, the Company has manufactured under licence more than 5,000 ejection seats fitted in French aircraft in more than thirty air forces around the world.


We develop expert solutions for the preparation, testing and treatment of surfaces before bonding and assembly operations. Our solutions are designed for use in manufacture, inspection and maintenance operations in the aerospace, automotive, rail, metal and energy industries.

Sofradir EC, Inc.

SOFRADIR-EC is recognized as a leader in engineered infrared detection technology for commercial, space and defense applications. For over 40 years we have provided system integrators and OEMs the best infrared products that deliver exceptional performance, imagery, reliability and value. Our strategic partnerships with world renowned component manufacturers ensure only the most advanced and proven devices are used in our systems.