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WedgCor Steel Buildings

Mfr. steel bldg. systems including hangars & terminals

Weibel Equipment, Inc.

Mfr. velocity & position measuring instruments; doppler radars

Weiss Technik UK Ltd.

Weiss Technik UK is part of the Weiss Group, the world's largest manufacturer of environmental testing equipment and one of four divisions of the Schunk Group.

The Weiss Group division brings together environmental simulation technology and climate technology expertise. Solutions are used around the world in research, development, manufacturing and quality assurance.

Welch Allyn, Inc.

At Welch Allyn, we are pragmatic visionaries focused on helping healthcare providers overcome complex challenges with simple solutions. We approach each day with a simple commitment—deliver the everyday practical diagnostic tools that help doctors and nurses provide better care for their patients. Since 1915, we have continually applied practical innovations in ways that help healthcare professionals deliver more advanced and comprehensive care, optimize their time and skill, and improve their patients' outcomes.

Weldon Pump

Mfr. fuel, alcohol, hydraulic pumps & valves; FAA repair station #2WPR261B

Weldtool Technologies, Inc.

Weldtool Technologies is an international supplier of hard-to-find or often difficult filler metals and rods. We supply MIG wire, TIG rods, submerged arc welding metals, PTA welding metals, powder strip welding metals, micro-wires, and arc stick electrodes in a wide array of alloy types, sizes, and forms.

Wellbilt Hangar Doors

Wellbilt Hangar Doors

Wellbilt Hangar Doors® has nearly 40 years of innovation in the hangar door design and construction industry. Founded in 1980, Wellbilt® expanded its offerings to include a full line of impressive bottom rolling, bi-fold and hydraulic door systems, all custom designed to customer specifications and all built to exceed expectations. With some of the largest doors ever made to our credit, we still pride ourselves on being able to shift with the ebb and flow of industry trends while maintaining a level of customer service that is unparalleled in the marketplace today.

Wells Aircraft, Inc.

FBO services; Fuel & line services; aircraft washing & detailing; hangar space; rental cars; catering; aircraft maint.; aircraft sales; FAA Repair Station #NT2R043L

Welsch Aviation, Inc.

At Welsch Aviation® we believe you should trust your broker as much as you trust your pilot. Since 1949 we have been pioneers in customized private aircraft acquisition and sales. Founded on integrity and expert knowledge, we know that although aircraft markets change, the value of an upright character and reputation is timeless. Unlike other brokerage firms, we do not own, operate or inventory airplanes. Instead of competing with our clients, we focus all our energy on doing what’s best for them. You can trust us to put your business first.

Wenk Aviation

Gen. & corp. aviation insurance for airports, charter & business

Wentworth Aero, LLC

Aircraft acquisitions & aircraft sales; aircraft evaluations & insurance appraisals service provider


The WENZEL Group GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading manufacturers of metrology solutions, built on a solid foundation of family, German precision engineering, flexibility and strong partnerships.

Founded in 1968, today the name WENZEL stands for highest precision, reliability and technological competence in the fields of coordinate metrology,  optical high speed scanning and computed tomography.

Wera Tools LLC

Wera Tools LLC

Wera products are top quality, industrial-grade tools for professionals, who deserve knowledgeable, immediate, and preferably local support

Werner Aero Services, LLC

Werner Aero Services is a global aviation asset management company and an aftermarket supplier of logistical solutions to airlines, MROs, aircraft leasing companies and the defense industry. We provide comprehensive, tailored solutions to customers globally and specialize in the sale, lease, and management of aircraft, aircraft engines, and aircraft components. Our wide range of offerings also focuses on local and customized solutions.

Wesco Aircraft Electronics Product Group, Kansas

Distr. electromechanical & electronic components, circuit breakers, indicators, switches, relays, relay sockets, sensors, connectors & accessories