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Directory: Manufacturing & Distributing


Celso SAS

Mfr. aircraft seat cushions; cellular materials transformer

Central Airmotive, Inc.

Central Airmotive, Inc.

Central Airmotive, Inc. specializes in supplying OEM (original equipment manufacture) interior parts for business class aircraft. Over the past 20 years, we have dedicated ourselves to acquiring the best merchandise for these applications. Our warehouse contains nearly 80,000 square feet of this type of equipment, which we believe makes it the largest inventory of it's kind in the world. Thousands of seats, divans, tables, toilets, cabinets, dividers and so on for nearly every business aircraft in the air.

Central Purchasing, Inc.

Since 1994 Central Purchasing Inc. has been supporting the aviation needs of commercial, civil, and military organizations worldwide. Working closely with F.A.A. / J.A.A. Repair Stations, and defense operations, Central Purchasing Inc. provides complete support through purchasing, certificated documentation, and time critical delivery, in compliance with all Federal Aviation Administration directorates.

Central Wire Group

CWI has the widest range of alloys for your "mission critical" applications.

With 11 manufacturing locations in 3 countries and over 60 years of excellence, CWI is a market leader’ having the widest range of high performance specialty alloys in nickel, stainless and red metal. We manufacture Ultra-Fine Wire, Shaped / Profile Wire, Wire Rope / Strands in the widest range of finishes and packaging available on the market today.

Centroid, Inc.

Mfr. electronic & electromechanical assemblies

Century Aerospace Corp.

As with most companies, Century Aerospace Corporation began with a man with a vision. Today, the aerospace world is watching Bill Northrup's vision evolve into reality.

Bill Northrup, Founder and Chairman of the Board, founded Century Aerospace Corporation under the name Paragon in 1992, changing the name three years later to more accurately reflect the nature of his product and of his vision - a revolutionary aircraft that redefines price and performance for executive travel.

Century Electronics

For over 25 years Century Electronics, a Division of Perillo Industries Inc., has been designing and manufacturing  Mil-Spec and COTS power solutions for virtually every branch of the military including the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard, providing custom Power Supplies, Converters and Inverters to meet the highest standards of quality, reliability, and efficiency.

Century Fasteners & Machine Co.Inc.

Design, Mfr & distribute screws, screw products, nuts, washers, pins, rivets, eyelets, screw machine products, & other special machine products

Century Flight Systems, Inc.

Century Flight Systems, Inc.

World Class Leaders In Auto Flight Systems

Century Flight Systems, Inc. has been manufacturing world-class autopilot systems and aircraft instrumentation since 1983.

There are significant improvements to be gained by updating aircraft with modern instrumentation and flight control systems. Century Flight Systems, Inc. continues to work diligently, bringing increased safety- and performance-enhancing technology to more and more aircraft.

CeoTronics AG

CeoTronics has established itself as a leading systems provider for mobile digital radio networks and terminal equipment used in local applications, as well as high-quality professional communications headsets and systems.

CeoTronics, Inc.

CeoTronics, Inc.

CeoTronics AG – More than just headsets
CeoTronics has established itself as a leading systems provider for mobile digital radio networks and terminal equipment used in local applications, as well as high-quality professional communications headsets and systems.

CeramTec North America Corp.

CeramTec North America is a world leader in ultra-high vacuum seal technologies, as well as a leading supplier of various advanced ceramic products. With over 100 years of experience, we are one of the world’s most respected manufactures of advanced ceramics for use in a wide variety of applications.

Certified Metal Finishing, Inc.

Certified Metal Finishing has been satisfying customers’ finishing needs for over 30 years. Our attention to detail and quality has made us number one in Florida. We specialize in specification masking, multiple in-house processes as well as production. Our experienced staff takes pride in knowing that only quality and customer satisfaction is what you receive.

Certified Thermoplastics Co., Inc.

Certified Thermoplastics was founded in 1978 by George Duncan, a chemical engineer and Air Force pilot who previously worked for Rogers Corporation, and Bard Parker. His son Robert took over in 2004 and most recently, in 2018, the company was acquired by Ducommun Incorporated. Ducommun (NYSE:DCO) was founded in 1849 and is the oldest continuously operating company in California. Ducommun has been a supplier to the aviation industry since planes first began flying, and Certified is proud to be a part of this great company.

Cessna Aircraft Co.

Cessna Aircraft Co.

Cessna’s line of Citation jets, Caravan turboprops and classic piston aircraft dominate the sky. From learning to fly to flying your business, you’ll find your aircraft solution at Cessna.


Mfr. composite fan blade for GE90 engine; composite parts; bonded structures; thermoset resins; FAA repair station #FQ7R135Y

CFD Research Corp.

CFD Research Corp.

CFD Research Corporation specializes in engineering simulations and innovative designs for Aerospace, Cyber IA, Defense, Life Sciences, Materials, Energy, and other industries. Using our software and experimental facilities, we develop new hardware concepts, innovative designs, and prototypes. We have over 50 patents awarded or pending in the areas of biotechnology, combustion, propulsion, and materials.

CFM International SA

CFM International is a 50/50 joint company between GE and Safran Aircraft Engines and is the world's largest supplier of commercial aircraft engines. The company was formed as a joint venture in 1974 and the two parent companies have since extended the partnership agreement to the year 2040. Today, CFM is the world’s leading supplier of commercial transport jet engines with more than 30,000 CFM56 delivered and currently has more than 11,500 orders and commitments for the LEAP engines.