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ELE Advanced Technologies Ltd.

ELE boasts some of the finest engineering machining processes available today, supplying customers across a wide range of market sectors. With a substantial pedigree in Aerospace Components, Industrial Gas Turbines and Automotive Turbochargers.

Electrical Products Sales Corp.

Electrical Products Sales Corp. is a family run company that has been in business since 1947 and occupies a 28,000 square foot facility to serve all your electrical needs.

We specialize in Wire Terminals, Splices, Ferrules, Lugs, Jumpers, Disconnects, End Caps, Cable Ties, Solder Sleeves, Heat Shrinkable Tubing, Fuses, Fuseholders and Fuse Clips.

Electro Adapter, Inc.

Electro Adapter, Inc.

Electro Adapter forms a direct funnel of Military and Commercial equivalent backshells, adapters and related services to cable, harness builders, OEM’s and systems integrators for over 42 years.

We define ourselves every day by the way we assist customers in selecting the right interconnect hardware for a wide array of applications.

Electro Arc Manufacturing Co.

Electro Arc Manufacturing Co.

Electro Arc has been building the world’s best metal disintegrators for tap and drill removal since 1947. In fact we developed the original AC patented process and have been improving it ever since. Our unique process disintegrates only the center out of a broken tap or drill leaving the threads intact. The process can cut square or round shapes to back out studs or bolts, remove large studs by a series of cuts, emboss identification on rolls of steel, bore holes and counter bore.

Electro Enterprises

Electro Enterprises is your franchised/authorized stocking distributor of interconnect, electro-mechanical, wire/cable, and wire harness management products. From standard mil-spec product, to high-speed interconnect solutions, we have it all in stock, ready for shipment. For more than 40 years, Electro Enterprises has been providing superior products at competitive prices around the world.

Electro Enterprises, Inc.

Since its inception, Electro has prided itself on providing our customers with the best service and product quality in the industry. This business model, coupled with adding over 64 key franchised lines, has enabled our company to experience substantial growth year after year. Today, Electro Enterprises is a leading global distributor of interconnect, electromechanical and wire, cable and harness assembly products. Made up of over 214 employees that span the country, 2015 sales surpassed the $90 million mark. Our AS9100 Quality System and U.S.

Electro Impulse Laboratory, Inc.

Manufacturing Engineers of OEM custom and standard Closed Loop Cooling systems, Fluid Transfer equipment, High Purity Liquid Coolers, and related products. Complete Manufacturing and Engineering Services are available for custom or standard equipment.

Electro Optical Industries, Inc.

Electro Optical Industries, Inc.

Electro Optical Industries, is a global provider of photonics equipment for wide area surveillance, industrial thermography, and visible/infrared test and measurement applications, with 3 product lines: 

- the SPYNEL series, day&night 360-degree cameras, provide unprecedented situational awareness on land or at sea. Automatically detecting and tracking both conventional and asymmetrical threats, they secure wide perimeters in real-time,

Electro-Lite Corp.

Electro-Lite Corporation is a major supplier of ultraviolet light curing equipment and systems and single part ultraviolet light curing adhesives to the electronics, medical, optical, printed circuit board and general manufacturing industries.

Electro-Mech Components, Inc.

Electro-Mech Components, Inc. (EMC) specializes in the design and manufacture of illuminated pushbutton switches, indicator lights, and multi-switch interlocking assemblies. The company’s switches are found in a wide variety of applications and industries, from video gaming machines to aircraft cockpits.

Electro-Methods, Inc.

Mfr. flight safety critical aerospace components; machined & fabricated complex parts & assemblies in the compressor, turbine & combustor sections of turbine engines

Electrochem Solutions, Inc.

Electrochem Solutions, Inc.

Founded in 1979, Electrochem™ is an industry leader in customized total power solutions for applications that must perform in the worlds most demanding environments. Born from the lithium battery, invented for the implantable pacemaker by our founder, Wilson Greatbatch, Electrochem embraces our heritage of quality, reliability and innovation.

ElectroCraft Ohio, Inc.

ElectroCraft Ohio, Inc.

ElectroCraft, Inc. is a global provider of dependable, application-engineered fractional-horsepower motor and motion products.

Our products are found in thousands of different applications within industrial, commercial, and consumer product markets. While ElectroCraft provides a wide array of standard products with many configurable options, we have built our brand on custom OEM solutions that meet the precise performance, cost and quality our customers require.

Electrocube, Inc.

Electrocube, Inc.

Electrocube is one of the most respected design manufacturers of passive electrical component products for a wide range of standard and custom applications – from aerospace and audio to elevators and heavy equipment – as a capacitor supplier, resistor-capacitor distributor, and more.

Electroid Co.

Proven History of Success supplying Innovative Solutions for Demanding Applications:

Thousands of custom, fielded designs

An Engineering driven company led, and principally staffed, by degreed engineers

Dedicated personnel devoted to supporting our customers to ensure their success

Unique Design and Analysis Tools:

Internally developed software tool box and expert software to shorten new product design cycles

These tools optimize design results to meet stringent customer performance requirements

Electroimpact, Inc.


Electroimpact is a world leader in design and manufacturing of aerospace tooling and automation

Electrolizing, Inc.

Since Electrolizing’s inception in 1947, our proprietary process has been proven in countless applications throughout several industries as the single most effective coating available to improve wear issues on metal parts, tools, gauges, and mold castings.

Electrolizing assures optimum resistance to wear and corrosion of metallic surfaces. The thin dense coating offers maximum resistance to abrasion, erosion, scuffing, galling, scoring, seizing, cavitational and corrosion wear and fretting of sliding or rolling metallic surfaces.