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Directory: Manufacturing & Distributing

Pave Technology Co., Inc.

Pave Technology Co., Inc.

Hermetic Electrical and Fiber Optic Bulkhead Connectors And Wire Seals


While default leak tests of 80 psi (5.5 bar) of no air/nitrogen bubbles visible or a high vacuum helium leak test are shown on most PAVE hermetic seal drawings, significantly higher pressure tests are usually available upon request for most designs to several hundred or more psi(bar) pressures. Certain designs can be tested as high as 10,000 psi (650 bar) or more!

Pawling Corp.

Pawling Corp.

Since 1945 Pawling Corporation has provided customers with superior products and services. At the start, fifteen employees of Pawling Rubber Corporation began making gaskets for ammunition cases for the military in a 25,000-square foot building.A willingness to experiment and respond to customer needs and market opportunities in an innovative way has allowed the company to diversify and grow over the years. Pawling Corporation now has over 100 employees with an on-site manufacturing space, located in eastern New York State halfway between Albany and New York City.

Paxford Composites Ltd.

Paxford Composites Ltd.

Paxford Composites is a privately owned company manufacturing composite components for a wide range of industries.

Occupying a 37,000 square feet site and being located just off the A14 in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire it provides easy access to the primary motorway systems, major airports and coastal ports.

Paxford Composites designs and manufactures tooling and components for Aerospace, Automotive, Satellite Communications, Marine, Rail, Training and Facsimile Structures, Motorsport and Simulation Industries. 

PCC Aerostructures

PCC Aerostructures

Precision Castparts Corp. is a worldwide manufacturer of complex metal components and products for critical industrial and aerospace applications. PCC applies a high degree of technical expertise and technology to our products, while providing outstanding management of complex manufacturing processes. The result is a responsive company that leads the industry in the markets we serve.


PCC Aerostructures, Wilkes-Barre

PCC Aerostructures, Wilkes-Barre

leader in structural investment castings, forged components, and airfoil castings for aircraft engines and industrial gas turbines. Airbus, Boeing, GE, Rolls-Royce, and many other leading manufacturers depend on us for critical airframe, engine, power generation, and general industrial components. With few exceptions, every aircraft in the sky flies with parts made by PCC.

PCC Airfoils S.A. de C.V.

PCC Airfoils S.A. de C.V.

PCC Airfoils, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Precision Castparts Corp. The Airfoils Division manufactures complex highly technical investment castings for turbine engine applications used in commercial jet engines, military jet engines, helicopters and industrial gas turbines.

PCC Airfoils, LLC

PCC Airfoils, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Precision Castparts Corp. The Airfoils Division manufactures complex highly technical investment castings for turbine engine applications used in commercial jet engines, military jet engines, helicopters and industrial gas turbin

PCC Fasteners

Since the early days of aviation, PCC has worked closely with our customers to develop and specify the best fasteners for their applications. We’ve created new materials, designs, and manufacturing practices to satisfy an ever changing industry. Today we manufacture nearly every fastener type used in the aerospace industry - all with the careful monitoring and control of specific manufacturing practices and thorough product testing that have been our hallmark.

PCX Aerostructures

PCX Aerostructures is a premier supplier of large structural airframe assemblies, including wing, fuselage & engine components.

Pdq Airspares Ltd.

PDQ Airspares Ltd.

Headquartered in the UK with offices in Singapore, Dubai and China, PDQ Airspares is Europe’s leading Total Consumable Solution providers to the Airline Industry in the Aftermarket Supply of Consumables and Expendables. Our Next Generation ConsumableCare support packages offer tailored programs guaranteed to generate significant savings in Time and Operational costs as well as helping companies to recoup losses on surplus inventory.

Peck & Hale, LLC

Founded in 1946 by former U.S. Navy Officer Kenneth Peck, Peck & Hale has grown to be a world leader in cargo securing products, systems and solutions. Our full staff of in house product design Engineers combined with our outstanding customer service has proven to be a winning combination. Our quality assurance department ensures that all of our products are tested and inspected to the highest standards and our fully equipped machine shop enables us to provide you with quality parts at an affordable price.


Astronics Corporation (NASDAQ: ATRO) serves the world’s aerospace, defense, and semiconductor industries with proven, innovative technology solutions. We work side-by-side with customers, integrating our array of power, connectivity, lighting, structure, interior, and test technologies to solve complex challenges. For 50 years, we’ve delivered creative, customer-focused solutions with exceptional responsiveness. Today global airframe manufacturers, airlines, military branches, completion centers, and Fortune 500 companies rely on the collaborative spirit and innovation of Astronics.

Pelican Products, Inc.

Pelican Products, Inc.

Pelican Products, Inc. continues to reign as the global leader in the design and manufacture of high performance protective cases, temperature controlled packaging solutions, advanced portable lighting systems and rugged gear for professionals and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Their products are depended on by professionals in the most demanding markets including fire / safety, law enforcement, life sciences, defense / military, aerospace, entertainment, industrial and consumer. Pelican products are designed and built to last a lifetime.

Pennsylvania Department & Community of Economic Development

Pennsylvania Department & Community of Economic Development

The Department of Community and Economic Development’s mission is to encourage the shared prosperity of all Pennsylvanians by supporting good stewardship and sustainable development initiatives across our commonwealth. With a keen eye toward diversity and inclusiveness, we act as advisors and advocates, providing strategic technical assistance, training, and financial resources to help our communities and industries flourish.

Penta Laboratories

Mfr. & distr. electron tubes & vacuum tubes