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Flavia Aeronautica y Sistemas

FLAVIA performs maintenance to increase safety in Aircrafts.  Maintaining Test Benches and Ground Support Equipments (GSE or AGE, Aircraft Ground Equipments), FLAVIA focuses in keeping GSE reliable and safe, reducing costs and time during aircraft maintenance.

FLAVIA works in main aeronautic programmes. We develop Test Stands for systems’ testing for Airbus A350XWB, EADS Eurofighter, etc, helping our customers with our expertise in testing systems.



Expert in technical containers and Ground Support Equipments. Fleuret develops and manufactures reusable technical containers, transportation jigs and ground support equipments which ensure high value components handling, transport and storage. •3D models in Catia / 2D drawings, Stress Calculation & Analysis, KPI, PM •Drop tests, Mechanical stress simulation, vibration analysis •Machining, welding, painting, composite panels, final integration •ISO 9001, Retrofit/Maintenance services on customers’ sites

FLEXcon Glenrothes

What makes FLEXcon unique is our relentless pursuit of the right coated and laminated film or adhesive for each and every application. Our aim is high with a goal of achieving a better business result for you, not just delivering a better product. You see, we believe that new possibilities for you to win exist everywhere – big and small. And it’s our purpose to help you find them and make the most of them.

FlexFab Horizons International, Inc.

Mfr. high performance silicon & polymer products

Flexible Lifeline Systems, Inc.

Flexible Lifeline Systems, Inc.

FLS has installed thousands of fall arrest and fall protection systems globally. Offering both permanent and portable fall protection solutions, our comprehensive range of products can meet the requirements of even the most challenging environments.

FLG Technics

FLG Technics Inc. offers innovative composites, electromechanics and hydraulics/pneumatics repair and component manufacturing services to the aviation and aerospace industry.

Dedicated and skilled engineers and technicians, together with support staff and managers overseeing production and business processes via a state-of-the-art ERP system, have enabled FLG to build a stellar reputation for always providing a superior value proposition to customers.

Flight Controls, LLC

Flight Controls, LLC

Flight Controls was established in 1986 by Jerry Peer, who has a A&P IA with 55 years experience.

​Our shop has rebuilt or repaired over 2,000 units (control surfaces & wings) using our custom jigs.

​The local FAA District Office Aviation Safety Inspector can be contacted for further information about Flight Controls.

Flight Data Systems Pty. Ltd.

Flight Data Systems Pty. Ltd.

Commencing operations in 1990 in Melbourne, Australia, Flight Data Systems Pty. Ltd. (FDS) is a specialist company providing aviation services & products to over 250 commercial and military customers worldwide.

Aviation Services & Products

These products and services include:

Design & manufacture products for ground support equipment and airborne components

Printed electronic circuit board design, assembly & testing  

Product sales and services for GSE, flight recorders and UAVs

Flight Display Systems

Flight Display Systems

FDS Avionics Designs and Manufactures Exceptional Video Solutions

We Work in Both Business Aviation and Special Mission Integration

FDS is reinventing in-flight entertainment and cabin management every day. We design and manufacture innovative technologies that enable mobile VIPs to easily control the cabin environment, collaborate and share information in a simple, intuitive way.

Special Mission integrators rely on FDS to build rugged displays and video solutions for maximum situational awareness.