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NMC-Wollard, Inc.

Northwestern Motor Company (NMC) began operations in the 1930s with a line of railroad maintenance equipment. In 1939, the company designed and introduced a rugged tow tractor - and tow tractors remain a core product line. In 1932, NMC acquired the Swinger brand utility front-end articulated wheel loaders. 

No Climb Products Ltd.

Our products are in use all over the world, helping protect many thousands of sites across a vast range of environments. They are distributed in over 120 countries, to customers ranging from specialist fire distributors to fire maintenance companies and ‘end user’ commercial property owners.

Nobles Worldwide, Inc.

Nobles Worldwide offers a range of ammunition handling & delivery systems supporting the full spectrum of small and medium caliber weapons. In addition to customized full system solutions, for small caliber weapon stations and medium caliber turrets, Nobles offers flexible ammunition feed chutes, flexible and rigid link eject chutes, ammunition storage magazines, gun mounts, and Engineered Weapon Solutions (EWS) support. As the sole source ammunition feed chute supplier to all F-series aircraft and naval close in weapon stations in the U.S.


At Noisecom, our mission is simple -- To create innovation in noise test solutions and provide service beyond customer expectations. How we go about fulfilling this mission is what makes us a unique and fast growing company.

Diverse Talents

Non-Linear Systems


Non-Linear Systems is a manufacturer of digital panel meters, voltmeters, loop meters, signal conditioners and more for companies worldwide. All our products are versatile and useful in a number of different industries. We have made many advances to the industry, such as our invention of the digital volt meter. Since 1953, Non-Linear Systems has produced reliable, affordable and durable products for clients like you.

Nook Industries, Inc.

Our mission is to be an innovative and responsive organization. Nook Industries knowledge and vast experience provides us with the flexibility to design, engineer and manufacture high quality linear motion systems and solutions.

Norbar Torque Tools Ltd.

Dedicated specialists: Norbar is devoted exclusively to the design, development and production of torque tightening and measuring equipment.

Ensuring your success: Reliability and accuracy are critical to success, and world-class manufacturers around the world know that they can rely on Norbar to provide the equipment that meets these requirements.

Multi-national presence: Norbar is the only torque equipment manufacturer to offer torque tool and instrument calibration & recalibration services to the original factory standard on four continents.

Norco Universal Door Systems

Doors for Aviation, Military, Industry, and Marine structures. For over four decades we have designed, manufactured and installed universal door systems for installations worldwide. Our engineering team utilizes Tekla 3D CAD software to seamlessly integrate our door systems into virtually any type of building application. Those CAD details are then downloaded into our computer controlled fabrication equipment, producing both efficient and accurate components.

Norcross Air, Inc.

Norcross Air, Inc. was founded in 1991 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire with the goal of providing the Regional Airline Industry with an exclusive line of FAA/PMA and Transport Canada STC approved aftermarket parts.

Since then we’ve built a reputation for providing solid, dependable service at competitive prices. Our expertise in filter elements, thermocouples, and gaskets has enabled us to reduce the cost of expendable parts for our airline customers by tens of millions of dollars.

Nord-Micro AG & Co. OHG

Nord-Micro AG & Co. OHG

Headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, Nord-Micro is a well established global player in the aerospace business and the world leader in cabin pressure control systems (CPCS) for large commercial aircraft. With more than 40 years of experience, continuous growth and improvement, Nord-Micro today is a well known  1st Tier OEM supplier and the reliable partner of choice for major commercial and military aerospace customers all around the world.

NORDAM Europe Ltd.

As the premier family-owned aerospace company in the industry, NORDAM sets the benchmark across diverse design, engineering, manufacturing, and repair services. Our families help other families fly safely by providing high-quality products and services, delivered on time with best-in-class customer service.

NORDAM Interiors & Structures Division

Design & mfr.composite & metallic bonding, structural & non-structural components; contoured & flat panel fabrication; aircraft interior structures & plastics mfg.; integrated interior solutions; FAA certified repair station #NZ6R569Y; EASA #145.5283