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ENGIKLEEN —5840 — Immersion Alkaline Deruster & DescalerENGIKLEEN —5840 — Immersion Alkaline Deruster & Descaler

ENGIKLEEN —5840 — Immersion Alkaline Deruster & Descaler

ENGIKLEEN is designed for the removal of rust, heavy carbon deposits, a host of organic coating and heat modified metallic oxides from ferrous metals. ENGIKLEEN has a special application in cleaning jet engine components.

  • Does not produce hydrogen embrittlement.
  • Rinses freely and helps to passivate the surface.
  • Extensive bath life using monitored bath control procedures.
  • Quickly dissolves rust, scales, paints and carbons.
  • Ideal for uses in ultrasonic cleaning equipment.


  • Qualified to ARP 1755B.
  • Approved by Pratt & Withney for use in SPOPs 18,212,203,221 and 258.
  • Approved GE Aircraft Engines
  • Approved by Allied Signal
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