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Beep Analytics FlightDeck
Beep Analytics

FlightDeck Platform - Supply-side Predictive Analytics

Product Presented At
MRO Americas 2020
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Apps for MRO, February 2020

Beep Analytics’ FlightDeck platform combines a machine learning-based analysis engine with MRO simulation data to provide supply-side predictive analytics.

The FlightDeck platform enables aftermarket parts and services suppliers to accurately predict and anticipate customer demand, and build comprehensive market maps covering their customers, products and competitors.

FlightDeck helps sales-, product- and program-managers identify whitespace, focus on specific high-value sales opportunities on part number level and build better customer value propositions.

FlightDeck is capable of providing unique demand information input to S&OP and SIOP planning processes, which can assist OEMs, Distributors and MRO improve their overall supply chain planning.

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