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Global Airservices Accessory Repair and Overhaul
AVFLEX – Global Airservices

Global Airservices for Accessory Repair and Overhaul on New Generation

Global Airservices is an MRO provider, serving the aviation industry since 2011 for repair and overhaul of commercial and regional aircraft components. We are FAA, EASA, DGCA Indonesia repair station certified. Located in Miami, Fla., on a 13,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility, we offer unsurpassed quality and reliability in all types of repairs/overhauls for aircraft components. Global’s capabilities include power generation, hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical accessories for Boeing legacy series, and new generation Airbus, Bombardier, and Embraer. Also, a wide range of MRO procurement needs for the industry and exchange components can be provided through our sister company Avflex Corp. (WWW.AVFLEX.COM). For more information on repair services, just log in at WWW.GLOBALAIRSERV.COM or inquire at [email protected].