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Klatt Works SAVED
Klatt Works, Inc.

How costly are Smoke in the Cockpit Emergencies?

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SAVED (Smoke Assured Vision Enhanced Display), developed for FedEx, has evolved aviation safety for aircraft fires. 

During smoke-in-the-cockpit emergencies, SAVED's see-through optics displays HUD symbology and nose camera videos inside the pilot's oxygen mask, ensuring pilots can aviate and navigate. This groundbreaking FAA-certified augmented reality innovation sets a new standard for flight safety, unmatched by any other in-mask solution. Experience the future of aviation safety with SAVED - your ultimate ally during critical moments in the air!

SAVED is the trusted solution and is FAA certified for the Boeing 777 and is initially moving towards certification for the 767 and 757.    

Looking for more information or want to discuss how we can get SAVED on your aircraft? Please contact us at www.klattworks.com

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