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Epiphany Supply Chain ConnectEpiphany Supply Chain Connect
Epiphany Solutions Inc.

Introducing Epiphany's Supply Chain Connect: Enhance Agility, Visibility, and Decision-Making In Your Supply Chain

Supply chain trends in 2023 focus on agile management of challenges like inflation, uncertain customer demand, and labor shortages. Enhancing visibility and improving forecasting are key related trends.

We recognize the importance of integrating with suppliers in today's landscape. Likewise, timely updates on delayed components and a user-friendly vendor portal for outsourced repair and manufacturing are crucial. Epiphany's Supply Chain Connect offers a solution for creating comprehensive equipment tracking and back-to-birth history. It ensures that the build and repair process can proceed smoothly by managing components, consumables, and outsourced labor. 

Another vital aspect is having granular data for both real-time and predictive insights. Our system allows for flexibility in adjusting plans as circumstances change. For instance, if a vendor notifies a two-week delay in a component while there's a plan to build 100 units that week, our system displays alternative vendors and facilitates scenario analysis to manage the new information effectively.

We understand the need for efficient inventory and purchase management, as well as the ability to adapt to unforeseen events with ease.

  • Change Management: The system allows for agile management of challenges such as inflation, uncertain customer demand, and labor shortages within the supply chain.
  • Increased Visibility: Epiphany's Connect-Supply Chain provides enhanced visibility throughout the supply chain, enabling near-time updates on delayed components and the ability to track the progress of the build and repair process.
  • Integration with Suppliers: The system offers seamless integration with suppliers, facilitating efficient communication and updates on outsourced repair and manufacturing through a user-friendly vendor portal.
  • Inventory and Purchase Management: Epiphany's Connect-Supply Chain covers the basics of inventory and purchase management, ensuring smooth operations in these areas.
  • Granular Data and Predictive Behavior: The system provides granular data for both actual and predictive behavior, allowing users to make informed decisions based on comprehensive insights.
  • Override Capability: Users have the ability to override predefined plans or processes in real-time, accommodating unforeseen circumstances and making necessary adjustments on the fly.
  • Alternate Vendor Management: If a component is delayed, the system offers the capability to identify alternate vendors and assess the impact on the overall build plan, enabling effective decision-making and scenario analysis.
  • Scenario Planning: Epiphany's Connect-Supply Chain facilitates "what-if" analysis, allowing users to evaluate different scenarios and determine the best course of action based on new information.

From back-to-birth tracking to real-time updates and scenario modeling, streamline your operations with ease. Learn more today!

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