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ST Engineering Airframe MRO
ST Engineering North America

Keeping UPS Operationally Ready


As the world’s largest commercial airframe maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) provider, ST Engineering possesses a decades-long, reputable track record for service excellence and extensive capabilities. Across the world, our facilities have consistently delivered on customer needs, overcoming high stakes, ad-hoc workloads and supply chain constraints. Our ability to deliver is why international logistics giant and freight forwarder United Parcel Service, better known as UPS, has chosen us as their provider of choice, and partnered us for over 20 years.

When UPS recently visited our U.S. airframe facility, San Antonio Aerospace (SAA), they were delighted and impressed by our completion of heavy maintenance checks for UPS’ MD-11 aircraft well ahead of schedule. Since UPS introduced the MD-11aircraft into its operations in 2002, SAA has been UPS’ exclusive heavy maintenance provider for this platform.

However, our MRO solutions to UPS are not limited to the MD-11 aircraft. We also support other platforms in the UPS fleet that come through for special maintenance. Within the U.S., SAA and our facility in Mobile, Mobile Aerospace Engineering (MAE)both have long-term heavy maintenance support agreements with UPS encompassing its fleet of MD-11, Boeing 757 and Airbus A300 aircraft.

Our work for UPS stretches beyond MRO services – they also leverage our expertise in passenger-to-freighter conversions. Nearly all the MD-11s that UPS use for operations were converted by ST Engineering. Moreover, UPS is also a customer of ours for aircraft engine washing services, with EcoServices – a joint venture between ST Engineering and Pratt & Whitney.

The relationship between ST Engineering and UPS is one of enduring trust in our breadth of capabilities. We have provided airframe MRO services to every aircraft type that UPS has ever operated, including accommodating requests from them for special visits from drop-in repairs to field trip support. We are proud to maintain such long-term partnerships as we continue to support all our global customers with the highest level of standards in MRO and aviation solutions.

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