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S7 Technics operates five specialized KitCar mobile MRO warehouses.
S7 Technics


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MRO Europe 2019
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Mobile MRO Delivery, July 2019

Stocked with spare parts, consumables and tools for specialized maintenance work, these vehicles are designed for lean production. They reduce inventory- and transportation-related delays and meet technicians where they are working.

In addition to acting as “mobile warehouses,” the interiors of the vehicles can serve as mobile offices. Inside, technicians have access to spare parts inventory databases and a printer.

Each of the five KitCars has a specialty:

  • Airbus is stocked with material for Airbus aircraft service.
  • Boeing is loaded with inventory for service of Boeing aircraft.
  • Cabin is specially designed for interior maintenance.
  • Two KitCars called Oil transport fluids.

Five KitCars are based at Domodedovo Airport in Moscow. One KitCar is based at Novosibirsk International/Tolmachevo Airport in Novosibirsk, Russian Federation.

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