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Cabin Hygiene/Cleanliness and Protecting Your Aircraft During the COVID-19/Novel Coronavirus Pandemic

In June 2019, Inside MRO covered cabin hygiene and cleanliness products that fight odors, pathogens and insects. Since then, MRO Links has added additional products to this page that can help your airline or MRO clean and protect aircraft in the age of SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the understanding of the novel coronavirus continues to evolve. In some cases, the efficacy of certain products and processes against the novel coronavirus is still being tested. Indeed, products listed in this guide may be designed and intended to protect aircraft from other pathogens or hazards that do not include the novel coronavirus. Therefore, it is important to treat this guide as a reader service and a starting point before you conduct your own rigorous research to find the processes and products that might work best for your operation and your needs. Scrutinize information from product manufacturers and OEMs. Obtain guidance from expert authorities such as the CDC and WHO. Don proper personal protective equipment. Take precautions to protect the aircraft and the surrounding environment.

Follow Aviation Week Network’s full coverage of the impacts on MRO, aerospace, air transport and aviation writ large at AviationWeek.com/Coronavirus.

Check out “Protecting Aircraft Cabins from Pathogens” in the MRO section of AviationWeek.com. Read “Wiping out Germs, Odors and Insects in Aircraft Cabins” at AviationWeek.com/MRO for more information about the products originally covered in June 2019. Also find other information about cleaning products and service providers on MRO Links. Browse by category above, or search by keyword.

Finally, read a letter from Greg Hamilton, President, Aviation Week Network about COVID-19.

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Ki-ose 322 Concentrate

Bacoban® Surface Disinfectant

Bacoban® Surface Disinfectant

Sontara Aerospace Grade Wipes

Sontara® Aerospace Grade Wipes

AEM Logistics Detailing

Aircraft Detailing and Grooming

Perrone All Leather Maintenance cleaning products

All Leather Maintenance

Celeste Sani-Cide FSC

Sani-Cide FSC

Permagard Aviation Bed Bug Killer dehydrates bed bugs and is nontoxic to aircraft passengers and crew members.

Bed Bug Killer

ALEXIT PureGuard interior paint promotes hygiene on aircraft cabin surfaces.

ALEXIT PureGuard