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Passenger Cabin Conversions for Cargo

Many airlines and MROs have discovered ways to convert passenger cabins for use in cargo transport. This requires some special technical abilities to account for the different approval criteria for passenger cabins and cargo holds. But the upside is that, as many aircraft are sitting idle due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these companies are finding ways to make those aircraft useful for moving medical supplies or other necessities.

Read Lindsay Bjerregaard’s article at aviationweek.com/mro to learn more about several of the products featured here.

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An MRO providing more than just maintenance

Freighter Conversions, MRO Activities, Composite Solutions, as well as Engineering Services

IAI BEDEK Passenger to Cargo Conversion – The Big Twin B-777-300ERSF

IAI BEDEK Passenger to Cargo Conversion – The Big Twin B-777-300ERSF

HAECO Cabin Interior Cargo Solutions

Cabin Interior Cargo Solutions

Embraer Passenger Cabin Cargo Solutions

Cargo Solutions for EMB120, ERJ145 and E-Jet Cabins

Aeronautical Engineers Inc. 737-800 Freighter Conversion

737-800 Freighter Conversion

Colibri Cargo Containers

Cargo Containers For Widebody Passenger Cabins

Collins Aerospace Quick-Turn Cargo Conversions

Quick-Turn Cargo Conversions

Austrian Technik Preighters

Temporary Preighter Conversions

Calibri Aero Cargo Seat Bags

Cargo Seat Bags

Airbus A330 and A350 Cargo Modification

A330 and A350 Cargo Modification

Magnetic MRO Temporary Cabin Modifications

Temporary Cabin Modifications for Medical Cargo Transport

Worldwide Aircraft Services Cargo Conversions

Cargo Conversions