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Remote Collaboration Technology, June 2020

Regulatory compliance and enforcement have flexed with the times of social distancing — from license extensions to using video for inspection approvals.

These high-tech products make remote collaboration and crucial maintenance consultations easier and quicker. They might take on a pivotal role if remote compliance becomes the new normal. Read more about them at AviationWeek.com/MRO.


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USA2000J-6-2000 Borescope

USA2000J 6mm Portable Joystick Articulating Videoscope

Mentor Visual IQ HD Video Borescope

Mentor Visual IQ HD Video Borescope

Expert Teleportation

Remote Expertise

RealWear HMT-1

RealWear HMT-1

Atheer AiR Enterprise Software

AiR Enterprise Software

Digitize the worker's day with AR, IoT & video

Digitize the worker's day with AR, IoT & video

SpeachMe Video Solution

How-To Video Solution for the Aviation Industry

Safran B.Side


IMITec Remote Inspection Robot

Eddy Current Measurement--by Robot!

Inspection with TESTIA Remote Assistance.

TESTIA Remote Assistance

IFS Remote Assistance

Remote Assistance

Onsight Cube may be mounted to a hardhat.

Onsight Cube

CloudVisit MRO software

Maintenance MRO Software