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Remote Collaboration Technology, June 2020

Regulatory compliance and enforcement have flexed with the times of social distancing — from license extensions to using video for inspection approvals.

These high-tech products make remote collaboration and crucial maintenance consultations easier and quicker. They might take on a pivotal role if remote compliance becomes the new normal. Read more about them at AviationWeek.com/MRO.


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Remote Assistance: Real Time Expert Support

RealWear HMT-1

RealWear HMT-1

USA2000J-6-2000 Borescope

USA2000J 6mm Portable Joystick Articulating Videoscope

Mentor Visual IQ HD Video Borescope

Mentor Visual IQ HD Video Borescope

Expert Teleportation

Remote Expertise

Atheer AiR Enterprise Software

AiR Enterprise Software

Digitize the worker's day with AR, IoT & video

Digitize the worker's day with AR, IoT & video

SpeachMe Video Solution

How-To Video Solution for the Aviation Industry

CloudVisit MRO software

Maintenance MRO Software