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Top 10 Pandemic-Driven Aircraft and Cabin Innovations

The COVID-19 pandemic was hard on the aviation industry, but as often happens in times of great need, a host of new solutions were developed to meet the challenges posed in 2020. Here are 10 of the best new innovations developed as a response to the pandemic, both for the interior and exterior of aircraft.

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Honeywell Aerospace

Collins Aerospace Touchless Lavatories

Touchless Lavatories

Vyv LED Antimicrobial Lights

A New Class of Antimicrobial Light

Safran Seats Interspace

Improving Passenger Comfort and Protection

ACA Ionization Purification System

Ionization Purification System--Adapted for Ground Use

BCO Aviation Adhesive Safety Cards

Adhesive Safety Cards

HAECO Cabin Interior Cargo Solutions

Cabin Interior Cargo Solutions

Aereos Interior Solutions Antimicrobial Parts

Antimicrobial Parts

JAMCO Project Blue Sky

Project Blue Sky

JB Roche Flashplug

Flashplug® Engine Preservation Kit