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B&H Worldwide

1 Saxon Way Trading Estate
West Drayton
United Kingdom

B&H Worldwide plays an integral role in the aerospace industry, celebrated for its exceptional commitment to the delivery of AOG, critical and routine logistics services. Strategically located hubs globally, supported by our specialised AOG centre, B&H Worldwide has earned a Best-In-Class accreditation as the independent market leader for aviation & aerospace logistics.

Our broad customer base of leading airlines, spare part stockists, MROs, OEMs and repair vendors attests to our unwavering commitment to providing specialised solutions for handling critical parts, including aircraft engines, specialist avionics, components, and consumables.

Our extensive range of services is meticulously designed to meet your distinct logistics needs, available 24/7, 365 days a year, anywhere in the world.

B&H Worldwide delivers a diverse range of services, leveraging our strategically positioned hubs across the globe, these include:

Multimodal 24/7 AOG and Critical Logistics Warehousing, FSL and Inventory Management Engine Transport and Storage Multimodal DG Certified Logistics and Packing services On-Board Courier services Trade Compliance Airside Transport Services LLP Control Towers Worldwide Air Charters Carbon Emission Reporting

Best-In-Class 24/7 Aerospace Logistics