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Carlisle Interconnect Technologies

100 Tensolite Drive
St. Augustine, FL 32092
United States

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies' value goes beyond OEM parts with kitting, engineering and certification services. CarlisleIT's kitting solutions offer a unique service combining multiple parts and equipment for your systems built to your supplied drawings, existing STCs or manufacturer service bulletins. Our kits save time, help maintain control of kit parts inventory and streamline the installation process. Ensuring the airworthiness of our products is just as important as designing and building them - with dedicated DER, DAR, and DMIR personnel on staff, we manufacture a multitude of interconnect components supporting upgrades and installations. CarlisleIT has the expertise and equipment to meet all of your needs in-house.

CarlisleIT Trays

Trays For All Requirements

CarlisleIT's Octax®LT

Octax®LT: High-Performance Single-Port 10 Gb Data Connector

CarlisleIT RF Assemblies

RF Assemblies

Carlisle Mono Modular Backshells

Mono Modular Backshells

Octax® Hybrid Connector

Carlisle Miniature Module ARINC 836A

Miniature Module ARINC 836A

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies’ Self-Locking TNC Connectors

Self-Locking TNC Connectors for High-Vibration Environments

Carlisle Cobham AVIATOR SP Integration Kits

Cobham AVIATOR SP Integration Kits

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies HDMI 2.0 cable assemblies

The Future of High-Performance Aircraft Cabin Management

Carlisle IT SmartSky 4G LTE ATG Systems Kits

SmartSky 4G LTE ATG Systems Kits

Carlisle High-Voltage Connectors and Cables

High-Voltage Connectors and Cables

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies Connectivity Integration Kits

Connectivity Integration Kits

CarlisleIT's ARINC 791/792 Adjustable Fittings

ARINC 791/792 Adjustable Fittings

Carlisle Connectivity Installation Kits for Business Aviation

Connectivity Installation Kits for Business Aviation

High-Performance Coaxial Cable

High-Performance Coaxial Cables

CarlisleIT RF Jumpers

High Performance, Low-Loss RF Jumpers

Lightweight ARINC Trays

Lightweight ARINC Trays

CarlisleIT Harnesses

Cable Harnesses