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1st Place Science

P.O. Box 2416
McKinney, TX 75070
United States

1st Place Science's disinfectants are used by companies in the environmental, transportation, food services, healthcare, hospitality, retail, oil/gas, residential, and entertainment industries. Many government agencies, first responders, law enforcement and military units use them as well. Businesses can no longer prevent lost productivity and lawsuits by using the usual industry methods of cleaning. History shows us a progressive pattern of pathogens (ARS 2004, AVIAN 2008, SWINE 2010, MERS 2012, EBOLA 2014, ZIKA 2016, EBOLA 2018, CORONA, 2020). 1st Place Science's products help shield you, your staff, and your customers from future viruses and bacteria.

First Place Science Disinfectant

First Place Science Disinfectant