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Abrasive Technology, Inc.

8400 Green Meadows Dr.
Lewis Center, OH 43035
United States

Raising the industry standard in superabrasive technology

After 40 years in business, we remain focused on superabrasive grinding wheels and tools. It's a science that we helped transform—and a craft that we're working every day to perfect. Through continuous innovation and product development and enhancement, we meet the most demanding specifications and solve the most challenging applications. Our extensive experience means we can help you get the most out of your tools and operations. Our ingenuity makes it possible to address your toughest superabrasive challenges. And our superior craftsmanship continues to exceed expectations.

A History of Innovation

From day one, Abrasive Technology has been a pioneer in the development of superabrasive products. In fact, our founders developed a unique, state-of-the-art diamond bonding process, making it possible to manufacture superior grinding tools. Forty years later, AT's P.B.S.® process is still one of the most effective and innovative bonding processes in the industry.

Today, Abrasive Technology is the leader among a select group of worldwide sources that provides all major bonding technologies–resin, metal, polyimide, electroplated and P.B.S.® braze. Our engineering teams continue to raise the bar with many of the industry's most significant technological advances. And with innovative processes and products like Gear Saver™, CBX™ and the Everlast™ PCD Drill, our list of patents continues to grow.