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Acme Manufacturing

4240 N Atlantic Blvd
Auburn Hills, MI 48036
United States

Acme Manufacturing, with headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan and an R&D center in Singapore, is the global leader in flexible robotic metal finishing automation for the aerospace industry. Acme provides state of the art turnkey robotic systems for new parts and MRO processes, including MRO blade tip repair (HPT & HPC), LPT blade polish, vane polishing, coating blending, deburring, leading edge profiling, composite material trim and polish, additive manufacturing post processes, and robotic machine tending. Acme’s latest technology in MRO is a turnkey blade repair system to grind the tip and prepare the blade for welding and robotic finishing to grind and blend the welded tip to tolerance.

Acme Manufacturing Company logo

Robotic Systems for Aerosapce MRO Engine Repair