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Advanced Manufacture (Sheffield) Ltd

S60 5TR
United Kingdom

A world class precision machining entity, AMRC Manufacturing, based in the University of Sheffield in the UK, was founded by Dr Gareth Morgan in 2008. It was the first spin out from the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC). He was a member of the team that founded the AMRC but saw the opportunity to apply advanced manufacturing and precision machining technology on a production basis. Dr Morgan was so confident that advanced manufacturing could lead to huge cost savings for the aerospace industry and Blue Chip Customers he stepped out of research and formed a company, AML, based in the UK.

With a desire to expand the Company it became evident that this could happen more easily by becoming part of a larger organisation. Hence in October 2012, a stake was purchased by Chapmans, who are also based in Sheffield. This has meant that additional support is available whilst the Company goes up its own growth curve. The Company changed its name in 2013 to Advanced Manufacturing (Sheffield) Limited and continues to use the acronym AML.

Strategic relationships with key industry leaders have allowed AML to build a world class production environment. Using advanced precision machining techniques we have proven that AML can cut hard metals such as Nickel and Titanium to world class standards and are a natural supply chain partner to the most demanding industries.

AML is managing rapid growth in the aerospace and energy sectors. Key resources are in place for further investment and expansion in our precision machining capabilities as required.

We continue to maintain our development capability and, through our links with the AMRC, are able to apply new technology and reduce costs for our customers.