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AERCAL Aeronautica Caldereria S.A.

c/ Laurel, N_ 1, 3 y 7, c/ Los Naranjos, N_ 15, 17 y 19, Pol_gono Indsl. Los Olivos, Santiponce
41970 Sevilla Burgos

AERCAL is a company with over 25 years experience in manufacturing components for the aerospace sector. Our main technologies are conventional sheet metal and stretching skins, although it has areas of machining and assembly of assemblies and subassemblies. For our technologies have a wide variety of processes which makes us highly autonomous, regarding outsourcing needs. This facilitates control to achieve a lead time of highly competitive of manufacturing, both standard parts and spare parts.

Aeronáutica Calderería S.A. (AERCAL) swas established in 1991 by personnel with extensive knowledge in different aeronautical manufacturing technologies.