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AeroBearings - This Is Our Specialty

Airlines and all other aircraft-operators are under a constant pressure to reduce the cost of aircraft-maintenance without any compromise to performance or safety.

For over fifty years, a group of less than 2,000 “Repair Development Engineers” has provided a constant stream of high-tech innovations. These engineers work closely with the FAA and other experts to provide safe and reliable methods to repair aircraft pats.

When considering a new repair, a Repair Development Engineer must show that a repair of an aircraft part will not have any effect on the part's “Form, Fit, or Function” when compared to a new part.

Each new repair is scrutinized by a multidiciplenary team, and gains consideration and approval only if such team follows strict technical and administrative procedures.

All aircraft-operators, including military aviation, embrace the benefits of re-using repaired parts. This form of high-tech recycling typically costs less than 30% of the price of a new part.

Using repaired parts is helping airlines keep ticket prices in check, and helping military aviation reduce the need for tax-payer money.