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The latest model of AeroMobil began writing its story shortly after the world premiere of the previous experimental prototype at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna. The company brought together international team that was inspired by revolutionary technology, under the leadership of Doug MacAndrew, CTO, to design the future of our vehicles and the business behind them.

Juraj Vaculík | “The newest AeroMobil is a tangible and truly cutting-edge technological advancement. It represents many years of pooled experiences from dozens of engineers from the automotive and aviation industries. We‘ve linked the aerospace and automotive world like no one before us.“

Doug MacAndrew | “The current level of scientifc knowledge and expertise of engineers worldwide has provided essential support for this revolutionary era in personal transport. The availability of lightweight construction materials, increases in power density of the latest engines, and advances in systems software and hardware solutions have opened up completely new possibilities in vehicle design and engineering.“